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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Positively Majestic Mountainous Faces, Face 20

The positively majestic faces in this scene are proudly admiring their surroundings. They are enjoying a sunny winter day and are celebrating a their natural habitat.

The inspiration for this scene is our trip to Waterton and the Crowsnest Pass area this summer. It was so beautiful, the sun shone so brightly and the reflections off the water were so spectacular. I chose however to imagine what it would look like in the winter.

Whenever I am in nature, I always see faces, especially in the mountains. The face in the mountain is a guardian. He has witnessed all of the changes in the environment between 50 - 100 million years. He is quite concerned over the pesky Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle that has devastated the pine trees. Many of the pine trunks remain standing tall and proud on the mountains, but sadly, they no longer have needles. We are both hoping that the beetle will be eradicated and the coniferous trees lower down the mountain will continue to strive.

There are two other faces for you to discover.

Even though the coniferous trees are suffering, the landscape below continues to be spectacular, and that is why the faces look positive and full of hope that people will continue to celebrate their natural heritage and that nature will restore itself.

On Friday, I had the privilege of attending a conference session with Brian Keating as the speaker. His home town is my hometown. Brian has been all over the world, exploring the natural world. He said something profound that is sticking in my brain, "I hope you know that we have a wonderful world. Everywhere I have been, there are wonderful people and places and nature to see. We only have been lead to believe that everything is bad by the media, because that is their way of getting our attention."

Isn't that a great positive way to think?

This art was created using my Paper53 app on my iPad. I started it around Christmas time, but finally figured out how I wanted to finish it...of course, adding some faces and rock details.

I hope you have a great weekend and are able to get outside and celebrated all of the beauty in the world!



  1. how wonderful that you put faces in your landscape
    it is a serene piece for me. I live in NW Montana near the Canada border.... it is snowing, a winter wonderland... much like your piece.

    1. Thanks, Tammie Lee. Lucky you, enjoy your winter wonderland! We are almost neighbours!

  2. Renee, indeed the media has washed our brain and is controlling us. its crazy but the speaker is right. I miss being one with nature. I look forward to spring so I can get out a bit with the baby. :D

    1. Here is a link to Brian Keating's we page to get a glimpse close up at nature.

  3. Yep, I found them! Love this post and the things you mention. And that quote of Brian Keating is so true and positive, LOVE it!


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