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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

I hope you join me on my art adventure!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Positively the Easter Bunny Came

Today the Easter bunny came to our house for a very early Easter hunt before my eldest son had to head back to Edmonton for work. The sun shone warmly and brightly. Our visit with our son was very short, but very sweet. When he is home, our home feels balanced and full of cheer, the missing puzzle piece completing the family puzzle. Hopefully, we will see him soon again. For now, we have fantastic memories and a lot of goodies. This is the first hunt in 18 years that our family friend, Lucky didn't accompany us with her tail wagging and extra large smile. Things keep changing.

We are glad that the Easter bunny returned for yet another year, for a positively fun Easter hunt with my sons and husband. We are blessed to have another Easter together!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Positively Hip-Hoppity!

South Saskatchewan River
It's Easter weekend and everything is hip-hoppity great!  So far we have decorated Easter eggs with family, celebrated three birthdays, spent the morning at Police Point with seven hundred other people seeking spring and viewing Easter chicks and bunnies, chowing down on delicious food, and movie watching.  The river is flowing, the ice is melting, birds are returning, and tomorrow is our Easter egg hunt!  I hope your weekend is hip-hoppity grand too!

Easter Daisies

River Crystals

River Hoodoos


River Reflections

River Icebergs

At Last Flowing Water

Easter Eggs

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Positively Discovering Icy Backyard Treasures, Day 3

It is day three of celebrating the icy treasures discovered in my own backyard last Sunday! These photos are reminders of my day of reflection of the long winter days passed and the celebration of the beauty nature provides throughout the seasons.  They are also reminders to not let life pass us by inside, and to get outside and see all of the wonderful changes, surprises and treasures that can be found.  Join me on my quest to find positively lovely icy treasures in my own backyard.

The Road Less Traveled

Blue Spruce Icicles

Even a Clogged Downspout Is Beautiful 

Father Time Clings to a Cottonwood Tree

Ice Drops on White Spruce

Ice Dancing


Trapped...Break Free from the Rut

Snowy Highlights

Silvery Bark- The Colours of Optimism

Frequent Freeing Frost Flitters and Floats From the Forest


May your days be filled with the wonders of nature.  Have the courage to venture outside and discover the positively wonderful treasures in your own backyard!

All of the photographs are soul property
of Renee Dowling.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Positively Frosty Kitty Tour, Day 2

Follow Me

Good day, follow me down the trail to see some old fashioned photographs of a positively frosty, lovely day, and of course me, Painted Smile.

Spring Buds Awaiting

Spring is patiently awaiting.  The buds have been getting ready since fall to reveal their green leaves, but the frost is warning them to stay closed for a while longer.

Frosty Branches

 The frost is tickling and teasing the branches, waiting for the right moment to leap.

Dreamy Sky and Frosty Trees

The sky is dreamy and the trees are glistening, so hop on the wagon to see more of me!

Centre of Attention

Ah, here I sit in the warm sun.  Well, what do you think so far?  I hope I have guided you to  some interesting sights on this grand day.  Look out, the frost is skydiving!  Drats, I am frosted again!

I could pose all day!

I wonder how long this great weather will last?

Ice Wagon Designs

The frost and ice have made some interesting designs on this old wagon.

Icy Wagon

Can you spot the little reindeer?  Let's have a closer look!


Now can you see it?

Icy Wagon 3

Why does the frost keep skydiving onto my fur?

How long till I am frost showered again?

Let's take another closer look at the ice on the wagon.  What is that that I see?  A moose kissing a ...?

Moose Kisses

The snow outlined the wagon wheel and was beginning to separate itself from the wagon, just like the metal frame.

Snowy Outlines

Stay tuned for more frosty and icy pictures tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed my positively frosty kitty tour.

All photographs are soul property of Renee Dowling.

To use them in any way, please ask for permission.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Positively Icy Part 1

Last week we had the world's largest snowflakes fall upon our landscape.  The snowflakes were as large as feathers and as they danced around this way and that like feathers busting loose from a massive, teenager pillow fight!  A few minutes amongst the snowflakes resulted in soaked clothing and hair.  The people coming in from outside looked like they had been standing underneath a downspout after a very hard rain.  The snow seemed to fly in from the west and clung to  everything on the west side.  The snow clung onto fences, power poles, trees, wheels and wagons for days.  As the temperatures warmed throughout the week,  icicles formed on trees, cars, wagons, everything that stood still.  The pine and spruce trees were perfect molds for ice to  form around.

 Sunday was a glorious sunny day.  With the warming temperatures, the icicles continued to grow and hoar frost coated the landscape.  As I was photographing, the snow and frost skydived from tall structures, mimicking mini snowstorms!  At times, my cats and I were covered in snow, as if we had just came in from the storm a week ago!

I took so many photos, I will have to show you a few throughout the week.  The day was positively icy!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Positively Give A Hoot


I positively give a hoot about a lot of things, but one thing a really give a hoot about is owls.  I created this owl to use as a children's card, perhaps for a birthday, or I care about you card.  I decided to leave the opposite page in my journal blank for now, because I am trying to think of some possible phrases I could use.  The phrases here are typed using a photo editing program.

Find the definitions

The background was created using old atlases and maps, and snippets out of a dictionary.  All dictionary definitions are relevant to the owl.  You will find the definitions of owl, tree, deciduous, leap, hoot, wise, perch, hop, leaf, hootenanny.  


I also used a business card of the park near by where I spent two springs ago, photographing some owlets in a larch tree.

I am hoping this owl acrylic painting will help you put up with one more day of winter and will warm your heart and prepare it for SPRING!

If you would like to commission me to create a card or wall hanging
 using this owl or any other prairie animal, 
I would be delighted to do it for you.  
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It Seemed So Clear at the Time
Here is another photo from the weekend.  I like how the word sharp is blurred in the dirty windshield and the old building is reflected in the side mirror.  I can't decide if I like having local artists paint murals on the old brick or not.  All of a sudden, things aren't as clear as I once thought.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Positively Heavenly Artist Date

Crossing the Bridge into a Heavenly Artist's Date

It was a positively heavenly artist date today.  Julia Cameron, an author and creative motivator, recommends that at least once a week an artist is to make a date to explore her art.  It can be in any format and whatever it takes to clear one's mind and stimulate and inspire creativity. Today was just that!

At 11:00 am at one of my favourite cafes,  I met with a dear friend that I used to teach with.  We haven't seen each other for ages, but it was like no time had passed.  No awkward moments or pauses, just honest heartfelt conversation.  We sat and talked and talked and talked until almost three o'clock!  Unusual for this introvert!

It is rare when that much time can pass and there isn't a lag for conversation.  We talked about everything, our careers, family, dreams...about what creative things we could do to utilize our love of books, history, stories, art and photography.

Of course, my baby, my Canon camera accompanied me, and afterwards, my baby and I spent the afternoon wondering around downtown in the -10 degree Celsius cloudy day, exploring architecture!

Now that report cards and student-led conferences are over, I can get back to sharing and creating.  I will share the photographs throughout the week.  Today's selections are showcasing the splendor of St. Patrick's church.

Won't Come In And Join Me On My Heavenly Artist Date?

Door Of Opportunity

Pointing to Heaven

Guiding the Heart

The Ladder to Heaven

Heavenly Angles

Heavenly Light

Come On In!

The Sky's The Limit

Heavenly Symmetry

St. Patrick's Church

A great friend, great food, great conversation, great dreaming, great architecture and great exploring! What a positively heavenly day!

The photographs are soul property
of Renee Dowling.
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