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Friday, November 27, 2015

Abundance Positively Leads to Possibilities

Abundance is an interesting word.  Many people perceive the word in an negative way.  I presently view it in a positive way.

Veronica Roth, the host of this week's drawing challenge, has selected the word "Abundance" to be the inspiration for our art, and a tribute to our American friends and families, who have Thanksgiving filled tummies.

I hummed and hawed about what to draw all week.  I am grateful for many things, time, family, good health, friends, and so much more, but as I was sitting on the couch this evening looking for inspiration, I gazed desperately across the room and my book shelf grabbed my eyes.  "Hello,"  it said to me, "Look at all of the books on me.  Don't you think I would be an excellent model for your Abundance challenge?"

I began to ponder the idea of my abundance of books.  The question filled my mind, "Why is that we always want more, when we have so many?"

I have recently made a promise to myself that I am not to buy anymore books until I have read the ones I have.  I have an abundance of books, art, painting, historical, picture, children's books and even books in languages I don't even know.  Why?

I love the smells, the textures, the colours, the graphics and illustrations and fonts.  Most of all, I adore the possibilities that rest between the pages and the possibilities that may jump into my mind and dive into reality.

One Thanksgiving, I asked my grade four and five students, "What is one thing you could never live without?" I was expecting family, food, but of course most of them said computers or Game Boys (Okay, it was a long time ago,  Do they even have those anymore?)  Surprisingly, one quirky wonderful girl said, "I could never live without the alphabet?"

I questioned, "The alphabet?"  It thought it strange for a girl her age, who had mastered the alphabet many years prior to that day, to be grateful for the alphabet.

She said, "The alphabet has endless possibilities.  I can arrange them to write anything I want, and I can read anything I want!"

I had to agree with the clever, insightful girl that indeed the alphabet is something I could not live without.  It is even important for playing and writing music and songs.

Books fill my shelves, my drawers, my treasure chests, my life, and I am grateful for the people who spill out their guts to write books and transport us into new worlds and helping our minds to be fresh with ideas and possibilities, keeping us learning, exploring and reflecting, creating and growing.  I , for one, will always positively have an abundant amount of books.

Thanks, Veronica for the idea and hosting this challenge!
Happy Paint Party Friday, too!


  1. yes, books and abundance, so well found!
    beautiful drawing!
    x Stefanie

  2. I hope we´ll get many peeks into your sketchbook!!!!!

    "Why is that we always want more, when we have so many?"
    I don´t know....

  3. Everything 2D....I just used the same colours for both pictures in the same order.

  4. I love that girls answer, such unique thinking for a class of game boys, an old soul.
    Books are a treasure for me as well. I have far less than i use to have. Living in a tiny space I try to have informative books on hand more than others. I love libraries for borrowing and returning. Fun to see what finally filled your pages as the week went on day by day.

  5. I once visited a cousins house and there were no books... I never felt the same about her after that! I weeded out many books about 5 years ago and still the library is full and they are scattered in every room in the house.... I need to purge them again! They are the hardest thing to part with though, aren't they! Wonderful journal page! Like the student I would hate to live without words since scrabble is such a big part of my heart! Smart cookie!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Yes! I too love holding a book in my hand. It it the smell, the texture, the feel of the paper, the weight of the book that I love. I love that you chose books as your theme, or rather your book case chose it for you. It is a beautiful page.

  7. That quirky girl in your class was wise beyond her years… and she sounds like some in my Gifted and Talented groups of students. I have bookshelves like yours filled with books in my studio, so I can relate to the comfort and inspiration they can bring. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful insights and artwork.

  8. clever girl, the alphabet! will she become an artist, i wonder? she is already...
    i agree it is funny how books seem to lead to buying more books. and i have decided too, first read what i've got (and get rid of afterwards) and then we'll see again. i don't buy that many books anymore anyway, just specific ones, but i do throw more and more books out. i often wonder why on earth i bought many in the first place. greed, i suppose... literary greed?
    anyway. did you get to the tools and the carving, i wonder... did you play? ;))

  9. The alphabet!!! What a sweet, insightful answer. I, too, have an (over)abundance of letters--er, books. It's hard to cull them, isn't it?

    Love your art journal page, words and painting. I've started more creative journals than I can count, and I want this next year to stick with it, January through December.

  10. So welll chosen. Where would we be without books...And a nice drawing as well! - eric

  11. I love books too, and yes it is rather an addiction.

  12. Thoughtful post and great art, Renee! What a fantastically insightful remark from a child!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. Your blog is great!

  13. stopping by to let you know i am hosting DC this coming weekend, theme: Threshold
    would love for you to join us.

  14. What a great and sweet girl! I love her answer to your question and I totally agree!

  15. Nice work, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  16. Wonderful art journaling Renee! My favorite kind of page with drawing and writing that tells a story! Wishing you a creative week.

  17. Love your art! Enjoyed reading your post. :)

  18. I love your sketch and your post. Merry Christmas Renee. May it be peaceful and serene.

  19. Popping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas my arty friend. Lots of love and Christmas happiness to you Renee. Big hugs. :D

  20. I found you through PPF and I also love books. That girl is one smart cookie; thank you for sharing her story!


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