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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Animals are Positively Everywhere

There are animals everywhere and they are excited to welcome the warm spring air and sunshine!

Painted Smile, our cat, bathes in the sunshine.

Fresh air tickles the nose of my dog, Lucy.

Quackers pair up.

Geese are excited to bathe in open water at last!

Light dances around the goose as it proudly takes a leisurely swim.

Ripples frame feathers. 

Geese honk and chase each other, getting ready to nest.

Song birds fill the morning air with new songs of spring.

Robins boldly flirt and serenade each other.

The setting sun glows and  warms the branches, as the moon peeks through searching for newly arrived meadowlarks.

The Northern lights accompany the howling coyotes in the distance.

Ring-necked peasants squawk and hide behind the canal.

The animals are positively everywhere!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pollinators Positively Pollinate Joy, Drawing Challenge

Tammie Lee's drawing challenge this week is...

Have you ever been kissed by a butterfly?     I HAVE!

Have you ever had a butterfly land on your head?    I HAVE!

Have you ever had a butterfly land on your shoe and stay for a visit?    I HAVE!

Have you ever had a butterfly land on your finger?     I HAVE!

Butterflies not only pollinate flowers...

they pollinate joy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Positively Enjoyable and Addicting...

After a year of waiting, a previously painted watercolour background with a bit of crayon resist was begging me to add something to it.  Faces have always been a challenge for me, so I decided to challenge myself to draw faces and see how many different faces I could draw on two pages of my altered journal.  Noses, ugh!  Necks, ugh! Eyes, ugh!  One day I will figure them out.  A lot of my faces have an Asian look to them.  I decided to draw most of the eyes closed or looking down.  As the night progressed, you can tell my faces became less comic like and more, how would you say, grown up?  A fun exercise that I must try again!

The next night I turned the page in my altered journal and rediscovered my Owl Acoustic Cafe drawing.  The cafe is the coolest little cafe that we visit each time we visit Lethbridge.  The old pillars and fabulous wide wooden trim frame the quirky, eccentric, and retro with a twist, decor! Ugly lamps from the seventies and eighties that most people dig out of their basements in shame to try and sell at garage sales are hung upside down and have become beautiful and really cool!  The walls are decorated with record album covers, local art and photography, quotes, and of course, everything OWL!  The restaurant features delicious food and live music.  Board games are strewn around the room for people to play and linger!  Great food! Great art!  Great decor. Great memories! Great little spot!

I decided the empty page beside the the Owl Acoustic Cafe entry, completed December 13, 2013, needed to compliment it, so I began to draw owls, large and small, my imagination springing into full gear.  What fun little characters I gave the little and large owls.  Again, I must do some more soon!

Drawing the same thing over and over again is positively enjoyable and addicting!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Positively No Dumping This Area!

The first day of spring had proven to be absolutely lovely!  I heard our first meadow lark of the season, saw our first robin, and enjoyed listening to the spring songs of the red poles, chickadees and house wrens.  I think I even spotted a little yellow song bird!  Our morning walk began in one of our favourite paths near this happy horse.  It was basking in the sun!

I enjoyed the walk so much, I am going to respect the wishes written on this sign:

It clearly is missing the word "in" but I have to agree, we positively won't be dumping this area from our  walking routine any time soon!

We decided to venture all of the way down the path and spent a lovely two and a half hours together chatting, meandering, and photographing.

I scouted these rocks earlier in the week and couldn't wait to take their photo in the long awaited sunshine!

It is the first time I have been this far down the path!  Good grief, I have lived in this area almost half of my life and I didn't even know this path existed so close to my home!

We found many bunches of cacti!  I love the green and burgundy of this heart shaped beauty!

At the end of the path, we were rewarded with this view!

When I returned home, the spring bug was fully embedded in me, I couldn't resist taking more photos.  Lucy enjoyed her freedom and indulged herself in our dugout!

A stump of a beaver bitten, blown down tree showcases a once hidden set of little fairy steps!

I still have the spring photography bug in me tonight!

This cloud lady caught my eye.

A large winking puff ball with an arm!

I positively will not be dumping this area!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

What are you doing in bed when you could be outside under the heavenly stars?

Early this morning, late last night, however you want to look at it, I was outside searching for the Northern Lights again.  I am not exactly sure of what I was seeing, a cold front moving in, Northern Lights or figments of my imagination, but I was lucky enough to be under a sky of twinkling stars.

The older I get, the more I realize just how much of the night sky I have missed!

Of course, in the summer on our camping trips to Grassy Lake and Rattlesnake Dam, we would sit under the stars, near the warmth of a campfire, gazing at their reflections dancing on the lake, but we would retire early so we were able to rise early for our morning fishing adventures, so the late night Northern Light dances were never witnessed.

My eldest son, Derek, at the age of about five, noticed lights dancing in the sky on Christmas Eve, as we were outside looking for reindeer hoof prints in the snow.  He looked up and said, "Hey look, Santa Lights!"  But since then, I never really thought about looking for Northern Lights, except at Christmas time, of course! I have searched for Santa Lights every Christmas Eve since that night!

I never even knew we could see Northern Lights in this area until I met Terri Mappin on-line, a fellow blogger!

A few years ago, on Canada Day, my dog needed to go outside for a bathroom break in the middle of the night, I looked out and to my surprise, I saw Northern Lights dancing high and low and up and down across the sky!  Amazing!

Back then, I hadn't a clue about how to take night photos, and I am still trying to figure that out today! Again, thanks to Terri, I am slowly learning how to take better night shots!  Check out her photos! This week she has posted many, many, many amazing Northern Lights photos!

Stars have always fascinated me and have always given me a sense of hope.  When I was little, on Christmas night, I used to look outside the front room window in our city home and search for the Star of Bethlehem as family members in the next room visited.

In my younger teaching years, I wrote a play, for my grade four students to perform at a Christmas concert, about my family's Christmas traditions.  The story was about how our family had grown so large and lost the wonder of spending our Christmases together.  I remember certain members grumbling over having to be at my aunt's farm with the family.  That was the last Christmas with my grandma before she suddenly passed away.

In the story, I called my grandma, Grandma Cutie, and I called myself, "Dimples." The ending of the story is about how I missed her and I looked up into the stars and there she was twinkling, looking down at me, smiling and consoling me.

In the story I was a little girl, and she said, "Child, don't be sad.  When ever you feel sad and miss me, look up and I will be looking down for you and smiling.  You will never be alone!"

The stars have always comforted me!


One of my favourite movies is Contact, with Jody Foster.  As a little girl, she would gaze at the stars with her dad.  She asks her dad if he thought there were people on other planets.

He replied, "I don't know, Sparks.  But I guess I'd say if it is just seems like an awful waste of space."

Unfortunately, in the story,  her dad dies when she is a little girl.  When she grows older, she gets the opportunity to go into space.  There is a  scene when she thinks she sees and visits with her dad.  It is so beautiful, I sob and weep until my eyes are clean dry.  You know the kind of crying you do when the back of your throat is constricted and you can barely breathe?  Yeah, that's the kind I cry when I see the scene.

The white, whether it be clouds or dancing lights in these pictures,  reminds me of open arms reaching out to give universal hugs.  

I have missed many years of  these delightful star filled skies, sleep being more precious than photographs, especially with a full time job and young children.

Now that my children are older, and I have finally found my dream job of teaching precious little grade ones with imaginations galore, and believing in magic and wonder, I have now found time to enjoy the night skies!

I suppose I am glad about having missed the night skies in my younger years, as I am now more able to appreciate what I see and am grateful for each day that I get to discover new entities of our beautiful world!

I had to change the lyrics to "Little stars" , instead of "Little Star", as I didn't want to leave any star out, upsetting them and then getting a real down pour of rain!

Well, that is enough for tonight.  A big universal hug to you all, may your dreams come true and I hope you feel you are never alone...

Time for bed...

Or shall  I go star gazing and Northern Lights searching?