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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Positively Teeny Bird, Face 2

Tuesday morning, a positively teeny bird was trapped in my garage.  It was trying to fly through the closed window to get outside.  I tried to nudge it outside with the soft end of a broom.  It didn't work, it kept flitting about, tapping the window. 

I reached out by gloved hand, and it landed on my glove. 

It was as light as a paper clip, I couldn't believe how light it felt in my glove.  What a little miracle!  With my hand,the little bird got the idea to try going through the garage door.  As it flew off, it gave a little peep in thanks! 

Here is a bonus face of a one year old puppy I met today getting hay bales for my two horses.

So Cute!

What a lovely day!

The Heavens Opened in the Elkwater Sky
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  1. I love birds! I once had a Chickadee get trapped in one of my bird feeders! He was lucky I happen to see him and was brave enough to take the feeder down and open it for him. ;)

  2. How on earth did it get trapped in your bird feeder?

    Thanks for visiting. I sure admire you art!

  3. Nature amazes me every day! Sigh! Ah!


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