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Monday, July 30, 2018

My First Commission: You Have Hit 40. Bang On! Traveling Watercolour Kit

I attended a workshop last week with Deborah Peters founder of the Neuro Engineering Institute, and one of her lessons was to put oneself out to the universe and the universe will answer. On the very same day that I posted my watercolour traveling kit on Facebook, a friend asked me to create a watercolour kit for his running friend who is turning forty.

I began in my visual journal and planned out different layout based on my friend's requests. I also kept track of how much time I spent creating, so I have a better idea of what to charge in the future.

Then I transferred the image into the Paper app on my iPad and played around with the layouts.

I erased the backgrounds and played with new colours.

I decided to use an old atlas because the colours are so beautiful and complimentry to the colours of the runner. I used an old Sucrets tin.

I collaged a fortune cookie message, and messages typed on a typewriter. I included my contact information and my blog address.

The plastic from a Slurpy cup was utilized to make the sections for the watercolour paint. I had a horrible time gluing the plastic. I kept testing each section to make sure water didn't leak, and it did, over and over again. Grrrrrrr. I decided from now on to use watercolour pans. I ordered some from Amazon. They are inexpensive and will save me A LOT of time and frustration in the future. Look all of the glue gun mess. Yuck! Rubber cement was suggested in a book that I read. I may have to try it.

The watercolour paint is professional grade from Winsor Newton, primary colours, plus Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Magenta.

Included is a reusable and washable “sock top” is to put around one's wrist to clean a paint brush or dab paint.

There is space for a little pool of water or to add a small brush or a few little pencil crayons or a golf sized pencil. This time I put the old sock and the names of the paint in the space. The lid is attached on this one,, giving less space for the sock on top.

Little pieces of watercolour paper were added to the lid. The plastic was reused from a sour cream container and can be used as a palette and to stop the paint from running all over the place when the tin is closed. I cut a little tab to help pull out the plastic more easily.

I covered up the Sucrets labels on the sides and added a typed quote. It is my motto: Live a Creative Life! I left "Lemon/Citron" showing for fun and as a reminder that the container was reused.

I hope the kit will be well used.

Remember, put your self out there and the universe will answer. It might not be immediately or in the way you think it might answer, but it will answer.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

I Live in a Beautiful Place

There a lot of exotic places to visit around the world, but I think that the prairie is just as magnificent.

We have had some extraordinary days this summer.

Dramatic skies...

Refreshing green fields...

Stunning canola yellow...

Calm waters...

Charming visitors...

Cute, adventurous kittens...

Clear safe roads...

Peaceful sunsets...

A stairway to heaven...

If you look around you for beautiful things, you will find them. You don't have to go far to see the miracles of this planet.

Celebrate your life every day!

Starting out as an Artist: Traveling Watercolour Kits

When starting out as an artist, it is often difficult to figure out what one needs. It is so confusing when there are so many products and qualities. So I decided to make it easier for anyone interested in living a creative life. Here is an example of the little watercolour kits I am selling.

These kits are ideal for travel because they are light and easy to carry. They can fit easily into a back pocket, pencil case, backpack or purse. They would make excellent gifts for the budding artist. I am very careful to respect our environment, so they are made reusing old tins, plastic from ice cream lids and slurpy cups, an old sock, a fortune cookie message, a paper napkin, some have collaged copies my own art and messages typed using a very old typewriter.

The reusable and washable “sock top” is to put around your wrist to clean your brush or dab paint.

The plastic pullout with a tab is for a mixing palette.

The watercolour paint is professional grade from Winsor Newton, primary colours, plus magenta.
There is space for a little pool of water or to add a small brush or a few little pencil crayons or a golf sized pencil. Little pieces of watercolour paper can be added to the lid. I sold two yesterday to two very inspiring artist. I can’t wait to see what they will create. I will be making more soon. I found some beautiful vintage tins at my father in-laws house, but am always on the lookout for more. If you have any you would like to share with me, please let me know. If you have a particular quote or a picture that you would like on the top or bottom of the tin, or if you would like a name added to it, I can customize it for you. Price varies on size, amount of paint, and special requests.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Take Chances

"You will continue to take chances and be glad that you did."  This fortune cookie quote was the first thing to be glued onto my page in my visual journal.

Next random colours, layers and marks were added to clean off my brush as I was painting a canvas.  The next step was to take a chance and use my intuition to figure out what images I could imagine in the colours and marks.  I used my trusty fine tipped marker to do this and I ended up with this nature scene.  I had a hard time deciding if I should add light and a few shadows and leaves, but finally decided to take another chance.

I was frightened that my delightful random spontaneous colours and patterns would disappear, but I am happy with the results.  The final stage was to journal.

The colours reminded me of the magical time of night just before the sun goes down, when a warm radiant red paints the landscape.

The landscape seems to glow and all of the colours change.

I am glad that I took chances!  I think that will be my mantra for this year!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Police Point Park has always been a little oasis for me in the middle of the prairie! It is a combination of grasslands and forest. My Dad and I used to ride our bikes across the prairie to Police Point. That was before the prairie road was paved and paths were made. mom and I have spent many autumn days there for week long Community Classrooms with my students. My son and I spent many days exploring the enchanted forest there. He would pretend to be a report for National Geographic and would create videos talking about the magnificent Plains Cottonwood trees and the giant boulders that line a dirt path. I have spent many hours walking there in the early summer mornings before the temperature got too hot! What a treasure I have! If only those hills, cliffs, trees, grasses, bushes and paths could talk, they would have a lot of stories and history to tell!

Grassy Lake was a favourite fishing lake we frequently went to. The campground was a farmer's field in the middle of the bald prairie. It was common for us to have to walk around cow paddies to get from our trailer to the lake. Dad liked it because the fishing was usually good and the lake was long and wide and not full of crazy boaters.

Dad and I would get up really early for most people, have a banana and then go fishing!

When I asked dad to wander over to a specific place because I spotted certain birds, he would without hesitation troll the boat closer for me to take a photograph.

On this particular day, on what I call "Pelican Island" (a mere rock pile sticking out of the low lake water) there were about 10 or more pelicans, along with geese, ducks, seagulls, a heron and various other shore birds.

For a change, the pelicans didn't fly away and instead gave a performance!

I got some fantastic close ups. This watercolour painting is of that special day with my dad. Summers are just not the same without him!

 It has been another busy week finishing journal pages.  This page I was practising my hand lettering. 

Life is a song... Sing it!  This is a visual journal reflection of my summer holidays. I started it on the airplane and just finished it this week.

What do you do when you have just hopped out of the tub dripping wet and you look outside and see a Great Horned Owl in one of your willow trees? Well, you put on a hat, get dressed in the first clothes you see, bundle up and out you go!

I hope you have been singing your life's song and have had another artistic week.

Happy Paint Friday!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sing the Song You Were Born to Sing

Sing the Song You Were Born to Sing...

The song I used to sing was about being a teacher.  I put my heart and soul into it for 25 years. My tank is running on low with the demands that others and my own self have places upon me.  I have another tank and that one is full to the top of fuel.  That tank is dedicated to art.  

I have committed to living a creative life. Surrounding myself with art that I love, friends who love art and also dedicated to living a creative life.

Being on vacation always allows be to dedicate even more time to creativity.  My walls are now quite full of art and my visual journals are also filling and I am singing the song I was born to sing!  My heart is singing loudly and playing in allegro... music talk for swift, lively...

This week has been a busy art week finishing up  unfinished art and visual journal entries. I finally finished multimedia bird today that I had started in a summer multi-media class. It seems I have to let ideas migrate in and out of my head to figure out how to take the final plunge to complete pieces.

This above is a zebra bird was drawn using a dipped pen in ink and then painted with watercolour.

Today I added some musical notes of Vivaldi's Spring. I included the word "allegro" as a reminder to sing the song I was born to sing now, swiftly, and not waste time!

I made the music notes transparent by making a transfer using gel medium on the front and then wetting the back and scraping the paper off of the back!

I added some soft pastel around the edges to tie it into the other two bird pieces I have completed in this series.

This is the second zebra multimedia bird that I complete today. This zebra bird has a map for its cheek and gel medium with tiny rocks for texture in its breast and feet. Also texture was adding using modeling paste and stencils. Pencil crayons, soft pastels, washi tape, rubber stamps, acrylic paint, pencil crayons and a charcoal pencil were used.

This little multimedia piece was started in the summer in my multi-media art class and I also finished it today!  I got stuck in the summer and couldn't figure out how to finish it. I changed the background three times and finally found the right relevant quote... "Sing your own song".

Here are some other pieces that I have finished in the past week.

Here is my front cover of my new journal. I found the Police sticker on the ground at the Farmers' Market this summer in San Leandro, California.

After our Christmas Eve Chinese food feast, my fortune cookie fortune stated, " You are going to have a comfortable retirement!" I created a transfer using gel medium using the fortune.

I like to use keepsakes from everyday life to remind me that there are wonderful things in my ordinary life!

I also used Golden acrylic paint, fabric paint, pencil crayons, markers and a gel pens.

Live a creative life is my motto!
This is the inside cover of my new art journal. I have included a little drawing from 2008 when I first rekindled my love of making art. I have also included a piece of masking tape that has my dad's writing on it. He caught some pike for us in 2007. Can you believe it, I found some frozen fish in my freezer from 2007? Since the label was on a tub of frozen fish, I created a fish scale pattern. I also created bubbles because I love bubbles and seeing them dance around. Bubbles and fish and water colours seem to belong together!

I used Fabre-Castell markers, Jane Davenport watercolour pens, acrylic paint, fancy duct tape, pastels on the little landscape and gelatos.

I hope you all can live a creative life!

I know when I do, I am much happier and fulfilled!

Here are some of my favourite creations for 2017...

  • modeling paste, gel medium and acrylic paint

  • acrylic painting

  • watercolour painting of my horse Weebit and dog Lucy

  • watercolour, white gel pen

Monday's visual journal Art Journal Junkies prompt: "Wish"
My wish is to become an even better artist.
I take art classes with Maureen Newton, a local artist at Inspire Cafe and Art Studio, to help me to achieve my goal. This summer I took a multi-media class with her and I wrote notes. She said two very inspiring things:
1. " Be patient with where you are at!"
2. "When you are stuck and don't know what to do next, ask your creative self and you will have an answer!"

During my class, I wanted to create an inspirational piece for a granddaughter. In my journal I planned it out really roughly. Even though I finished the piece in the summer, I wanted to make my notes and plan finished looking, so weirdly enough, my plan was completed today after the original piece of art. I wanted to grow, so I challenged myself to paint the eyes open instead of closed on the original.

I kept some of the original pieces of advice, but the female does look different than the original!

Thank you for all of your supportive words and for the opportunity to share and make my wish come true!

close up of Dare to Dream

The  first version given to my granddaughter.  The heart is a necklace fob that I wore as a little girl.

  • close up

  • gel medium with glass beads, rocks, sand, and acrylic paint

Thanks for viewing my art gallery of 2017 and the beginnings  of 2018!

May you sing the song you were born to sing!

Happy Creative New Year!

Happy Paint Friday!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Taking Initiative

I started this visual journal entry in June and finished it today. It is about being lonely and taking initiative.

Do you ever get tired of having to be the one to initiate things? Do you ever wish someone would call you up or text you and ask you to do something, instead of you having to? I do.

Do you ever wonder if people are waiting for you to take initiative? I do.

It is also about feeling lonely even though one may be surrounded by people. Do any of you ever feel that way? I do sometimes.

As many of you know, I am a nature nut. Even though I may be by myself in nature, I never feel alone in nature. Insects are always approaching, the wind usually visits, the sun shines, birds sing, owls hoot, water waves hello, leaves dance in excitement to see you, frogs rib-bit... It seems that nature does its best to include us, all we have to do is look around, listen and be present. I have had some amazing experiences in nature, just because I took the initiative to be there.

The funny thing is the day after I wrote this in my journal, a friend did contact me to go out for lunch. We had a fabulous heart to heart, mind to mind visit! The universe does listen!

Maybe I did take initiative after all by writing my thoughts down....hmmmm.

Happy Paint Party Friday to you and thank you for taking initiative to share your art and for visiting other peoples' worlds and for leaving thoughtful comments.