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Celebrating Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom’s First Year

Check out this YouTube video showing the events of the past year:
Happy One Year Anniversary to Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom and me!

One year ago, Reflections Art Studio opened with teachers learning how to visual journal.  They were a great group of teachers eager to learn and try new things.

Since then, I have created with staffs, retirees, seniors, school groups, families, children of many ages, teens, people going through major transitions, art therapists, psychologists, a photographer, a social worker, recreational therapists, art clubs, foodies, birthday groups, basically types of people, all ages and abilities.

It has been an absolute pleasure to help people learn art techniques to assist them with expressing their stories in a healthy, creative way in visual journals.

Some have participated in half days, full days and evening retreats, while others have participated in a series of lessons!

I continue to look forward to helping…

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