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2020: A Test of Resiliency

When I started my new journal, I left the beginning pages blank and decided to complete them as an overview, like the saying, “Hindsight is 20/20,” of the time it took me to fill the journal.  
I started this visual journal at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown and have for the most part finished all of the pages, so I thought I would do a simple quick inside cover so I could move on to a new visual journal.  However, like 2020, it took a complete turn!
A few days ago, we had a hail storm. I just couldn’t watch the hail come down.  I closed all of the curtains and cried.  We had been working so hard and long to landscape, just like many others, and I was angry and saddened that it could be destroyed so easily and quickly.
My husband said, “2020, the year to test resiliency.”
So true, a long winter, a slow to start spring, lockdown, lots of wind, water flooding our corrals and into our hay field...” 
Yesterday I said to him, “It still could have been a lot worse.”
In the past, we had flipped…

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