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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Positively Justine, Mac Meets a Woman, Face 28

This is post number two for today.

Some of you were wondering what happened when Justine went over to Mac's table at the cafe (Face 19). It was suggested, " Mac could've extended a hand, knocked over his coffee, burning his lap and ran off mortified and embarrassed OR ... He extended a hand, introduced himself without knocking over his coffee, asked Justine to join him and from that moment on ... the rest was history!!! " (Mappin)

Well here she is. Take a look at her face and you decided what happens next! :). Sorry, I can't be the only one to use her imagination!


  1. Bravery indeed! :D Wonderful Renee! Thank you so much for your visit.I truly appreciate it! Hope all is well and lovely work! :D

  2. Justine looks wonderful Renee! Her eye says ... the rest was history!!!!


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