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Monday, February 18, 2013

Positively Beating the Storm, Face 16

The bird positively tried to beat the storm

On our way home from Red Deer, just on the outskirts of Calgary, a radio announcement alerted us that there was a snow storm emanating   At first, I couldn't believe that there was going to be blowing snow, as it was 10 degrees Celsius and the sky was clear and blue. The clouds were round and fluffy, and the sun was gloriously making the clouds glow.  

But, in a quick glance to the west, one could clearly see that it was snowing the the Rocky Mountains, and soon the snow would blow into the foothills, then to the prairies.

The sky grew dramatic and the wind increased to grand velocity.  When my husband pulled over so I could photograph the scene, I opened the door to our truck and my hair flew straight up!

A bird cloud formed and flew through the challenging west wind.  Can you find it?

The bird glided through the sun shine, gaining courage to flee from the  brewing storm clouds.

The Bird Burst Through the Cloud

It soared and tried to seek shelter

A small wisp of air  appeared at first, then Chinook huffed and puffed,
"I'll get that bird!" 

Snowing in the Mountains,
Chinook's Angry Mysterious Face Formed,
the Bird Made its Way to Safety,
Darn Foiled Again

Positively Beating the Storm
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Me Cheering the For The Bird

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  1. Now, silly question ... why do you guys take the long way home??? There is a much faster route to Red Deer from the Hat and it's pretty scenic! AND, it could even involve coffee in a rural setting north of the #9!!!! I can't believe you wanted to dodge the blowing snow! Seriously??? It's been so lovely! NOT! The wind is shaking the house again tonight ... perhaps there is a role reversal between north of the #9 and south of the #9? Well? Okay ... I know you guys are getting the wind as well ... you are just missing all the snow!

  2. I was teasing my hubby to go through the much more scenic route on the Number 9, but he wouldn't go for it. We were trying to make it home by 6:00 pm. We discovered a great art store in Red Deer where I found some great deals!

    I am sure we stopped at every Western store visible! Irvine Tack and Trailer Sales is amazing in Crossfield! We also stopped at the antique store in Airdrie, "Where On Earth... Did You Get That?" Expensive though!

    It would have been awesome to stop for coffee in a rural setting! Well, maybe one day soon!?!

    We had a light dusting, but mostly house shaking wind like you! Our barn door is still frozen partly shut though, ugh. No cookies, until the ice thaws! HEEHEE!

  3. Irvine Tack is quite the place! Next time you will have to take the roads less travelled and it's actually a bit faster!!!

  4. We actually usually do take the road less travelled, but for a change the QE2 wasn't full of snow, ice and crazy drivers, so we went that route.

  5. Renee your photography is wonderful! :D We do indeed have lots in common! :D


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