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Monday, February 25, 2013

Positively Sibling Love, Face 22, 23 and 24


Hi, my name is Brittany. Pink, flowers, bright lipstick, hoop earrings and curly up-dos are things that I LOVE!

Most of my friends gag when they mention the younger siblings, but I actually like my cute, younger baby brother, Lukey. He pretends to be mad when I call him that because his name is Luke. When he sees me coming, he ducks around the corner and hides. He knows if I catch him, I will squeeze his cheeks and give him a wet, juicy kiss or a zerbert on the cheek. He screams, and yells to mom for help. She yells down the stairs, "Brittany, will you please leave your brother alone?"

I can tell from the tone of her voice, that she actually finds it amusing, but she doesn't want my brother to think she is taking sides, so she mechanically says it to please him. He is still too young to catch on.

I love it when he makes cards for me. His spelling is hilarious. He has a horrible visual memory, so spelling is a challenge. His spelling is cute, just like him.


Luke is my real name, but my sister brittanee, calls me, "Lukey." She is a real pan. She chases me and treats me lick a little baby. She thincks it is hilaireous to sqeeze my cheeks, give me a wet, jooce kiss or a zerbert on my cheek. She thincks I really lick it, even though I run and hide as soon as I see her cuming. How much of hint dose she need that I don't lick it? My mom is no help. She yells down the stairs for her to stop, but if she reely card, she wood come down the stairs and give brittanee a tawlking.

Brittany's frends just leav there siblings alone, but not my siter. Maby I will ask there
mothers if I can cum and liv with them, or switch places. I am sure the neglectked siblings wood luv some attenshun from you no how.

I am hopping that the paper boy will notice my sister wun day soon. Maby he can distractk her and she will forget about me. Mabe he will tell her it is uncool to lick her younger brother, or even better, maby he will ask her to stop messin' with my cheeks and play bassball with him, and me of course. If only. Man, what do I hav to do to get that guy to notiss her? He dosent even notice she exits. Hmmm, maby I should right a note to him from her. I have bin practising her hand righting. She dots her i's with girls hearts and crossess her t's with a swirl and a curlicue. What will I right?

dear cut papper boy

I thinck you are just dremy. I watch you cum up the sidwalk evry day. Wood you lick to spend some time with me and my brother? He wood lick to play bassball with us. Please pay attention to me. I thinck you are reely cut.


I thinck I will stand at the door and hand the note to him persinaly. I hop it wrks.

Renee's Reflected Face

Hi, it is me, Renee. I created these characters on my iPad using Paper 53. I never ever had a younger brother, but I had an uncle who gave zerberts and a grandpa who squeezed cheeks, so I know how Luke feels. Luke spells how I used to spell. I watched a grade one teacher mark some spelling today, so I thought I would include some of their cute spelling errors. When my sister and I were teenagers, we used to pretend to argue and fight downstairs to see what mom would say to us from the top of the stairs. We would giggle our heads off when she yelled, "Would you two cut it out?"


We would pretend some more, "Ow, stop punching me!"

Mom would yell, "If I have to come down there, there is going to be trouble!"

We would giggle, rolling on the floor. Just how mad could we get her?


The story and art are soul property of Renee Dowling.
To use them in any way,
Please contact Renee at


  1. Haha, I love your stories and the faces that go with it. And the spelling mistakes make it all more "real". Great work!

  2. Thanks, it is very enjoyable creating stories to go with the faces!


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