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Friday, April 24, 2015

Love is Positively in the Air!

Canadian Geese have been celebrated and promoted as peaceful caring birds which look after each other and remain totally loyal to each other once they have found a mate.  Alberta Safe and Caring Schools organization created a program with a manual promoting them as being safe and caring birds and people should be more like them.  On the front of the big yellow binder is a logo of a friendly Canadian Goose in hopes of  encouraging children to think like Canadian Geese.  They want children to think twice about bullying others, so I am naturally surprised to see the spring antics of these birds.

Now that love is in the air, the ugly is coming out of these birds.  Notice how they are sticking their tongues out at each other (honk honk).  Now is that safe and caring towards each other?  Is that behaviour we want to encourage in our children?

Now not being an expert at all in these birds, I don't know if this is one male telling off another male for getting to close to his woman, or if it is one male trying to convince a female that he is the right male for her.  All I know it is a very noisy and emotional time for them!

I can just imagine what they are saying...

Male:  "Come on baby, please won't you just listen to me..."
Female:  "Not interested!"

Female (turns to him after giving him a long silent treatment):  "Well, you are kinda cute!"

One of my grade one students commented that their necks together look like a heart. 

Love match successful!

Meanwhile around the island...

Joe comes in for a hook-up...

Fred sticks out his tongue and honks,"Beat it, Mister.  She's taken!"

In this photo below, I am assuming, a female is resting patiently to the side, while these two fight over her.  A third goose wading in the water below the hill (look to the bottom right)  keeps popping his head up and responding back to them.  It is quite a comedy act!

After some reflection, this gaggle has figured out the pairings and have reached a peace agreement in symmetry.

Barney swims off looking for a mate!

This rocks surprisingly floats in the water observing the absurdities.

Nearby trees lean in to listen to the acts!

This couple sneaks off into the trees for some honeymoon time!  No more tongues sticking out!  No more honking!  No more flapping wings and head shaking! The odd dart behind the tree!

Brilliant green moss grows peacefully on the surrounding woods.

The last remaining snow lingers in the cool shade.

The wise old man sways, encouraging all to find peace and understanding.

Love is in the air.  Is your tongue dangling out like these geese?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In the Garden The Northern Lights Positively Danced

Last week I ventured outside to watch the Northern Lights at around ten o'clock.  At long last the sky was clear and the wind was calm.  I watched for an hour and there wasn't much action.  I decided to call it a night.  I folded my tripod, turned off my camera and declared to the night sky, "Good night, thanks for trying, but I am off to bed."

Pretty, but not much action.  

I no sooner spoke the words, and the magic began!

The lights decided to dance and shine ever so brightly! I reset my tripod and camera and the show continued for another hour!  I was so tickled, that I was jumping up and down and whooping along with the howling coyotes in the near distance. The ducks were quacking in the irrigation canal next to me,  and I even heard a meadowlark.  Then the memories started flooding in about my dad. My dad used to say that when a meadowlark sang he was saying, "Oh I have big feet!" or "Oh my feet are cold!"

I had my iPod with me and decided to play the hymn, "In the Garden" and "When We Get to Heaven". "In the Garden" was a favorite of my dad's. Well, the heavens were pleased, as the music played and I harmonized, the lights shone even more brightly and danced higher and wider across the sky, higher and wider than before.

I played the songs over and over again, tears running down my cheeks in streams.  My dad was looking down on me from heaven, singing with me, playing his guitar along with Alan Jackson!

The lights performed proudly for with me!

Dark and light, dark and bright!

I have never seen such light action!  Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, every direction!

I saw letters and faces and creatures!  How fortunate can one woman be?

The next night I journeyed out again, but after midnight. The lights were even more active, but they weren't as bright, so I had a heck of a time trying to capture them.  My tripod decided to not hold still.  I couldn't get a good focus.

Any of you have a good strong tripod that is light and easy to carry?  Oh, I think I just thought of a Mother's Day gift idea for ME!

Since January, four new houses have been built across the highway from us.  Apparently, there are going to be fifteen built in total.  I am mourning the death not only of my precious prairie, but also the death of darkness.  Already the houses have their outside lights on, and no one is even living there yet.  

I am not sure how much longer I will be able to see the Northern Lights, so I must seize the mostly dark clear nights while I can.

I hope the new soon to be arrivals from the city will discover the pleasure I have been experiencing while watching the Northern Lights and they will turn off their yard lights.

I might just have to be brave and pay them all a visit and invite them to watch the Northern Lights with me and then make a little comment about how we could see them ever so much better if there was darkness...

I wonder if I could convince the counselors of the County to pass a light noise by-law? Hmmm...

For now, the Northern Lights positively dance for me "In the Garden".

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Positively Grassy

This is my 300th post!  I can't believe I have had so much to say and show.  Like grass, I have gone through a lot of seasonal changes in my photography and my art.  I started off very green and now I am a bit more seasoned and golden, but I am ever changing.

Veronica Roth has challenged us to create a post dedicated to grass.  My original plan was to create a painting, but I was working on another painting and was determined to get it done, so I ran out of time.  Instead I am going to post photographs of grass.

I have been doing daily walks with two wonderful ladies, Valerie and Michelle.  We have been sharing a lot of good memories from our childhood, mourning the loss of our parents, and  have had a lot of philosophical discussions.

We have shared photography tips, and are appreciating nature together.

We  have walked along many grassy pathways.

We have had a lot of laughs.  Along the way, our children, spouses and friends have joined us, but the three of us are the core of our walking group, and we discovering we have a lot in common.

Valeria and Michelle have been right under my nose all of these years, just like the grass that surrounds the hills, the cliffs, the animals, homes, the trees, the river, the streams, and the pathways.

Like grass in the wind, we have been bending and swaying to work around our schedules to make sure we are getting exercise and having a good time too.

Like this lone tree in the prairie surrounded by grass, I feel surrounded friendship.

Like a good friend, grass is always there,  supporting and complimenting, protecting, sometimes taken for granted,  but always there.

Thanks for the challenge Veronica Roth !