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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Positively Remembering Grandma, Face 18

Remembering Grandma
My visual journal page evolved from leftover paint and cleaning my Valentine stamps, after I created my Valentines for my students.  The page was really teal and purple but ended being red and pink. As I was contemplating what to do with the page, I began to cut out hearts out of Canon sheet music.  It took me back to my childhood when my Grandma M, my sister and I sat around the kitchen table making Valentines.  We made hearts out of paper and cut out the centre.  We taped tin foil to the back to make the hearts shiny.  She taught us how to make "snowflake hearts".

My grandma was counted on a lot to raise her grandchildren.  Every time I went to her house, one or more of my cousins were there.  Sometimes it was for a home, others times they were hungry, other times they needed money, or needed something fixed.  Grandma could fix anything.

She always gave, gave , gave.  All she expected in return was love.  A visit.  Everybody getting along.

I used tin foil and a silver pen to salute her.  Grandma loved to spray paint things silver...old coal lamps, an old washboard, if it was peeling, it got painted silver!  Maybe that's why I like silver so much.

She taught us how to make Valentine hearts

I used a photo editing program to add Grandma's face onto my journal pages.  I will have to add the photos by hand when I can get her pictures copied.

She was a quiet lady, who was good at listening.  She never said too much except if the kids were fighting or not getting along.  She never wanted to make waves, and always wanted peace.  I guess that is why she was quiet... if you are quiet, than no feathers will be ruffled.  I am not sure if that is the healthiest way with dealing with adversity, but it was her way.  I suppose some of us deal with problems in the same way...hold our tongues and let it stew... I included few words on these pages to remember her quiet ways.

She loved silver spray paint

My grandma could crochet like no one else.  I tried to make my hearts look like they had been crocheted as a celebration of her talents.

Positively Remembering Grandma M.

I wasn't even thinking about her when I started my journal page, but my memories of her are so strong, that as I was cutting out hearts, the memory of her teaching me how to make a symmetrical heart popped into the forefront of my mind.  Maybe it was my trip to an antique store this weekend that triggered the memories... who really knows.  All I know is that I spent the day positively remembering my dear sweet grandma!


  1. this is such a sweet tribute to your grandmother. how wonderful that it flowed naturally out of you!

  2. Wonderful tribute to your grandma!

  3. Renee, thank you for your visit to my blog and all your lovely messages! I truly appreciate it. It means a lot. Your journaling of your grandmother is beautiful! what a beautiful way to remember her. Grandmothers are truly special. I remember my own and this is a wonderful way to express it. I just might make a journal entry and put all the things I remember about my own grandmothers. :) Have a lovely evening!


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