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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Positively Young, Face 26 and 27

Emily 1

On this 29 Faces adventure, I have discovered that one little quick line on a face can really change the attitude, shape and features.

Today's faces are the same face, but with an altered nose, mouth and eyes. I am not sure which I prefer. I wanted the girl to look young...hmmm. I couldn't decide, so I included both iPad, Paper 53 versions.

This is Emily. She loves purple and piggy tails. She can be quite sweet, but can be a bit stubborn. One day she decided that she wanted to go to school with a piggy tail in front where her bangs are and one in the back, high on the crown of her head. Her mom refused telling her it would look weird, and she wouldn't be able to see the board. Her response was, " I want to wear my hair how I want to. I am a big girl now, it is my hair. I will look at my friend's work and copy her's instead of looking at the board."

Her mom told her it wouldn't be a good idea, that her teacher may think she is cheating. Emily didn't care what her mom said, she wanted to wear her hair the way she wanted, and that was that.

She did change her tune, however, when she ran into heavy wooden door at school and smashed her nose. Bright red blood poured down onto her brand new purple polka dotted shirt.

She didn't act so big after that. In fact, you should have heard her cry as soon as she saw her mom. My, did her nose swell and hurt. Her mom had to pick her up from school because they thought Emily might have had a concussion.

Some people have to learn the hard way. Emily had to spend the rest of the day with an ice pack and on the couch. She had to miss her best friend's birthday party, all because she tried to have her own way, and not listen to her very patient and wise mother, who as a child tried the exact same thing, only she ran head first into a friend who was swinging on the playground trying to touch space, but that leads to a different story... I am sure you can imagine the outcome of that story!

Oh, the positively young!

This is a dedication to all of the adults who let children try things for themselves, so they can learn natural consequences. I think many of us try to protect our children so much that they have become very afraid to try, for fear of failure or of getting hurt . I miss the teeter-totters, the merry- go-rounds and the children hanging upside down with no hands on the monkey bars. These are all things I did when I was young, and I never broke a single bone!


  1. oh so wonderful! She is so sweet! you are absolutely right! we instil so much fear into our children. we should let them play and be kids!

  2. Thanks for your support. I appreciate your visits and comments!

  3. Renee, all of your faces have been a delight! I adore the stories that go with them, you have such a great imagination! With spring closing in I am looking forward to seeing how the change in season influences your artwork! :)


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