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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time Will Positively Pass

Have you ever painted a painting and decided it wasn't finished, then put it away, pulled it out over time and then decided it wasn't very good or it didn't look finished?  It happens to me often.
This weekend, I purchased the cutest little cabinet and decided it was time to gather all of my art supplies and put them all in my art studio, aka, my dining room.  It was time to reorganize and purge. I was digging through my art desk and found an unfinished watercolour painting. I was about to cut it up to use in my visual journal, when I stopped and decided to add more layers. The original photograph was in black and white, but I decided to add colour.

The horse is Doc, the kindest, most curious horse we have ever had. He would follow us around like a puppy.  The boy is Bryan, my son, also curious. He was opening the gate to see if the horses would follow him around the corral. He liked to tease the horses, pretending that he had a carrot or a horse cookie in his pocket.

I am now pleased that I didn't cut this up.  I think I am starting to figure out layering and shading with watercolours.  I am glad that I let time pass and took the time to improve my skills and this painting.  It also allowed me to remember one very fun, sunny summer day, many years ago! Time did positively pass!

Happy Paint Party Friday!  May your days be art filled and may you continue to grow as an artist.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

You Can Positively Learn From It!

This week's Sketchbook Skool Polishing Klass homework was to draw my food.  I can honestly say that I would rather eat my food than draw it, but since I signed up for the course, and I am determined to keep growing as an artist, I forced myself to sit down and just do it.  I told myself, "Renee, you are going to learn new skills by doing it, so get to it!"  I listened to myself and learned the following:

  1. Accept it as it is.
  2. Try it even if you don't really want to.
  3. Overlook the mistakes, move on ...grow.
  4. Fun will occur even if it isn't your first choice of drawing amusement.
  5. Eat your food and only draw it on occasion.

I am addicted to drawing faces.  On the way to Calgary on the very bumpy highway, I drew these faces... still learning how to shade with markers.

The funny thing is each time I drew a face, I looked at the tiny mirror on the sun visor, and all of the faces turned out differently with their own personalities!

I have now completely filled my visual journal that I started on January 5, 2016!  It feels so great that I stuck to my promise to myself to be dedicated to what I love!  I am so proud that I totally filled it from front to back, seeing my style evolve and skills develop!

This drawing above without the eyes, actually looks most like me!

I somehow ended up a male in the above drawing!  This time, my goal was to try drawing different emotions.  That was FUN!  I think my husband thought I was off my rocker  making faces in the mirror at myself.  I wonder what my son's friend, who was sitting behind me in the vehicle, thought I was doing?  He was probably thinking, "What a weirdo!  I got up early for this trip to see my friend's wacko mother making faces at herself in the mirror!..."

Oh, well, I enjoyed myself, and the three hour drive flew by!

Each time I draw a face, I keep reminding myself..."You Can Positively Learn From It!" Go, Renee, Go!

May your life be filled with things you love and don't be afraid to be a weirdo!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Drawing Faces is Positively Fun!

Another week in Sketchbook Skool.  Our assignment was to have fun!  Now, who can argue with that type of homework?  We were to draw at least one face a day... Are you kidding me?... I couldn't stop at one... It was too much fun!!!

Here are some of the ideas we were given:
Turn letters into faces.
Try different emotions.
Use pieces of magazine pictures and make them your own.
Try different lines, shapes, angles, faces, cut outs, facial expressions, even try utensils.
Try cutting out bodies and adding faces.

Why not do the homework for a birthday card?

Why not make a Mothers' Day card?

See, drawing faces is positively fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Positively Think I Can...

Improving my drawing of people is my primary goal for this year.  Sketchbook Skool has really helped me in the past two weeks.  I think I can, I know I can...I did it... 

Well, I did improve! I finally did it!   It took all week to get my son to model for me.  He was doing his chemistry homework, again, so I thought it was an opportune time to draw him.  It was a lot easier than I thought, thanks to all of the lessons we have had lately with negative space. Our assignment for this week was to draw with a model for fifteen minutes, then use photos to add the details. 

My goal is to improve with drawing hands (yikes) and work on proportions.  My poor son has huge shoulders thanks to my drawing skills.  Oh, well,  my drawings are getting better each day.

I did not allow myself to use pencil.  I used a Micron Pen 0.2, a Copic marker, a flesh tone watercolour pencil, a Faber-Castell Pittpens (shades of grey set) and watercolour paint.


This coloured pencil crayon drawing is of Koosje, one of my drawing teachers....A warm up before getting to the live drawing.


This next drawing is of my granddaughter.  I think I am going to try this one again sometime.  I used a thick brush pen to draw and then missed fine details because of it.

Looking at a photo helped me to build up courage for a live model. See what I mean about the scary hands?  

Thanks, Vin and Koosje for the lessons!  You have helped me to grow as an artist!

Here are a few extra pictures I drew this week, as a warm up to teaching my grade one students how to paint an owl with the Chinese Brushstroke method.

I experimented with making my own paint.  I crushed up shale (ochre) from a path at a local path and I used blueberries.

I hope you all have had an enjoyable artist week.  Thank you to our Paint Party hosts for giving us a platform to share on!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Even Though The First Day of May Was Positively Lovely...

Painting in the field on this first day of May was a positively lovely way to begin the month.  The sun was shining brightly with barely a cloud in the sky.  With my toque on my head, it was necessary to put on my hood to block the wind from the back of my neck.  It is a good thing I always carry a thin cotton scarf in my camera bag.  The wind made my eyes water onto my page.  I actually could use my tears to help the watercolour paint spread across my page.

My dog Lucy accompanied me.  She curiously sniffed about, and later began to whine and bark that a stranger in a truck pulled over on the side of the road.  Meadow larks welcomed us to the morning, a pair of geese flew low over our heads, a bee hummed good morning and a few large ants climbed upon our legs interested in seeing what we were doing.

My Sketchbook Skool assignment  was to do an urban sketch, but since I live in the country, I decided to sketch how our rural setting is beginning to look like an urban setting .  I have mentioned this before, but the recent news of another development directly to the west of us has stirred up sad feelings again.

The development to the south west of us has left a sour taste in my mouth.  The people have put up a huge, ugly black net to block the west winds, and it also blocks the view of the distant fields, prairie, trees and the great big sky.    They have also left huge black piles of dirt laying on the once native prairie.

I love being in the country, and it is hard to share it with others when they keep disturbing the native prairie, the skies and the quiet country roads.

It was wonderful to sit in the field doing what I love, drawing and painting and being in nature.  Even though the spring birds filled the air with their cheerful songs, I still felt sadness, seeing the history of the past disappear.