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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trees are Positively Delightful

Aspen trees are positively delightful to paint.  I began this painting in a recent art class and it has been sitting on my easel for weeks as I decided if it was finished or not.  I decided it wasn't and added more white to the trees and more "eyes".  I also added the white trunks in the background and a few yellowy white leaves in the foreground.  We used modeling paste to create the texture of the trees and then added a grey "rub".  It was very fun to try to make the trees come alive with light and dark areas.

My favourite aspen trees are trembling aspen trees.  The leaves tremble in the wind, this way and that,  like little hands waving.  I also enjoy looking for faces in nature, and aspen trees never disappoint me!

The cheerful colours in this piece compliment the other tree painting I posted not too long ago.

Pretty soon I will have a forest in my house.

Here is a photograph that I took in San Francisco this summer at the Golden Gate Park.  This lovely twisting and intertwining tree was hidden along a path.  Luckily, I was walking at a snail's pace behind my family, or I might have missed it!

Aren't trees positively delightful?

I will be linking this to Paint Party Friday.