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Sunday, June 15, 2014

OMG, Nature is Positively Amazing!

Have you ever had a moment when you said, "Oh, my God?"  Well, this past month I have had several, "Oh, my God!" moments!

The first of a series of "Oh, my God!" moments occurred while driving home from Calgary early evening after a short rain shower.  I had never seen such a heavenly rainbow.  I was privileged to see every colour in the colour spectrum.

The coolest thing is that I saw the ends of the rainbow. At times it looked like I could even touch the end of the rainbow on the highway.

 I usually don't say, "Oh, my God!", because it is so over used, but this was truly one of those moments that I had to declare it over and over again.  I had never witnessed such grandeur.

 Fortunately, my husband stopped the vehicle twice so I could figure out how to photograph such a glorious display!  I couldn't capture the width of the rainbow, but we saw the complete rainbow from end to end! OMG!

The second of the series in my "Oh, my God!" moments is when I was sitting by my dugout, breathing in the stillness of the day.  The first dragonfly of the season created a spectacular reflection of colour and shape.

While at Outdoor Education with my grade sixes, I managed to wake up early and sneak around the park to find these spectacular sights.  The height of these trees took my breath away once again.

As I was sauntering through the woods, and I heard a tap-tap-tap that delighted my senses.

I found him, a woodpecker entertained me for quite some time as the sun rose in the distance and popped its fingers through the trees.

At a camp out last weekend, I was treated to gobble-gobbles all night long and awoke to this OMG moment. A male turkey in all his grandeur strutted around the yard, all puffed out in a ball, flaunting his tail feathers and using his most masculine gobble-gobble.

A young female turkey showed absolutely no interest in him.   Birds swooped and tweeted, squirrels skittered and scattered, but the young female only wanted to dine on bird seed, ignoring the male show off!

Finally, just two nights ago, my son called me to come quickly and look out his bedroom window!   Much to our delight, we spotted this young fawn.  A first in twenty-two years for us!

The fawn meowed like a cat, was the size of our cat and bravely wandered up to us, touching my knee with its nose two different times.

 I was in a big panic,  my battery indicator on my camera was flashing and every single one of my four memory cards were full!  Luckily, I managed to get a few good pictures!

This little white tailed fawn delighted my soul!

 "Oh, my God!" This nature freak thinks nature is positively exciting!