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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Positively Tickled Pink, Face 3

Shall I Work?

Friday's post was about being a modern woman and the struggles that come along with it.  Today's face is piggybacking off of the idea. 

Finding room for my new art supplies is a challenge.  I have an antique dresser that serves as a home for many of my art supplies.  Thinking that I should find a new home for my new art supplies, instead of the perimeter of my dining room, I decided that perhaps I needed to relocate my collection of  antique books and magazines to make room that are stored, with loving care, in the bottom drawer of the dresser.  As I was emptying the drawer, I rediscovered the following book and magazine.

Inspiration hit me.  I decided to attempt to draw and paint Aunt Betty from "Come With Us".  Aunt Betty looked deep in thought in my version, so I thought I would dive into my "True Story" magazine to find an advertisement that Aunt Betty might be deeply pondering.  Voila, I found an ad for another magazine called "Physical Culture", warning women of the danger of being a working wife. (December 1938).  I thought it fitting, since my Friday reflection was about the modern woman...working, raising a family, wondering...what if...?

I want to be a modern woman, but...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Aunt Betty blushes, her cheeks turning positively pink , "Oh, no, if I am to be a working wife, I may lose my husband!"

I positively enjoy reading books and magazines from the past.  They are often hilarious to this modern woman.  Other times they remind me of a much simpler life, when children played outside and life "appeared" to be rosy. 

The interesting thing about this ad is that it was during the Great Depression when money was tight and many people were out of work.  So the fact that they were making women worried about going to work and losing their husbands because they wanted to work to help the family out, especially when they were struggling so much, is very ironic to me.

No wonder woman were/are so confused!  I am positively tickled pink that I don't encounter ads like this anymore!

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  1. Oh my, did ads like that really exist!? That's horrible! Where do you get those old magazines? It would be interesting to look through ... I love your page and the expression on her face!

  2. I found the magazine in my husband's grandma's house. They saved everything, every piece of string, every box, every thing reusable. They saved everything because they struggled through the Great Depression in the Thirities and that was the mentality then...reuse. I have also found some of the magazines in antique stores.

    Ads did exist like that...can you imagine the guilt?

  3. I came across old 'home economic' books that my Mom had 'back in the day! Oh my ... they make one cringe!!!


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