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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Her Heart Positively Poured, Face 12

Veronica, Her Love Poured Out
Does your love positively pour out of your heart?  Do you ever question, " Will it ever be enough?"
Well, Veronica here has asked that very same question. She pours out her heart and gives a mountain of love, but it seems that her love is one sided, and she is starting to question if it is enough to make her happy, or should she expect more from her love?



Face 12
Hopefully,  love is given back to you positively equal to the love you give!


  1. Your art journals ... although, already a treasure, they will be so treasured by your children and perhaps future grandchildren down the road! What a tremendous keepsake you are building!

  2. Great page Renee! I love those hearts!

  3. I found a wonderful old atlas at a second hand store. When I saw the splendid pinks, and refreshing blues and greens, I just had to buy it and use the maps for my art! Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! I so appreciate them!

  4. absolutely special! Truly beautiful!


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