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Monday, February 4, 2013

A Positively Helpful Drawing Lesson, Face 4


I asked myself today, "Why did you sign up for 29 Faces when you can't draw people very well?"

I answered, "You signed up for 29 Faces because you can't draw people very well, and it is time to learn!"

Perusing You Tube, I discovered this awesome video:
How To Draw a Female Face

Well, I have to admit, the video was positively helpful and I now can say I have improved. Hopefully I can do it again, but faster.

Isn't technology grand?  So much to learn at our own finger tips!

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  1. Well, you're a fast learner Renee! She's beautiful, and I love that string of flowers around her. Great work!

  2. This is awesome Renee! Hmm, I might have to check out YouTube! :)


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