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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Positively Colour Your World, Face 21

Janet is celebrating all of the positive ways that she and her family can positively add colour to the world. Everything from simply greeting someone in the morning with a friendly, "Good morning" to a sincere smile, can be enough to add colour to someone else's life. Other simple things such as making the bed so someone else doesn't have to, doing the dishes without being asked, tickling toes, complimenting others, writing a thank you note, picking up garbage off of the ground, recycling, being early to pick a loved one, planting a garden, drawing a picture, playing a favourite song, visiting a relative can all really brighten one's world. What positive thing can you do for someone each day to make their world full of colour?

May your world be full of colour every day!



  1. Oh Renee I love this! She looks so happy and strong, and I love the way you "coloured" her in. Great work!

  2. Renee this is wonderful!!! so much detail! WOW! :D Lovely! Have a wonderful week!!

  3. I just bought some new liner markers and just had to try them out!

  4. these are so fun to look at
    what a masterful way of using lines!

    love the inspiration of coloring our world!


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