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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Positively Done, 29 Faces in 28 Days

A Collection of Faces

Well, the end of February has arrived, and I have positively created 29 faces! Yippee! I have learned a lot, have visited some new artist bloggers and even made some new online friends. It has been fun to create faces and then invent stories to go with them. Here is a collection of faces I have been creating on my iPad since the beginning of the challenge. I actually forgot I started them, and luckily found them last night. I finished a face, added another and completed the collection by adding colour. Now I officially have more than 29!

I plan to keep improving on perspective and dimensions, trying some children's faces, different styles and then using photographs of people I know. My entries will be fewer in number for the next week. It is report card time, and I most likely won't have so much time to create, boohoo!

Thank you to all of the people who have stopped by and took the time to leave a comment. Hopefully, you all will take the time in your days to do what makes you happy! It feels so good when you do!



  1. Hello lovely Renee! Wonderful work! :D I love the presentation and display of your work. :D I've nominated you in my blog for the Liebster award.
    I was given the award and im to pick five blogs that I truly love. :D Yours is one of them! Check it out here:
    :D Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow, I am totally surprised to be nominated. Thank you. I will have to think about my choices. You have nominated some of the people I would have nominated.

  3. Great work Renee, all of your faces. You could almost start a little book with all the stories that go with them :-) Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  4. your faces are quite charming. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    thank you also for your lovely messages on my blog~

  5. So awesome ... your faces, your art and that you've been nominated! Congratulations Renee!

  6. Wonderful!
    I want to thank you for participating in the challenge, keep creating even if a little at a time ♥


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