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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Taking Initiative

I started this visual journal entry in June and finished it today. It is about being lonely and taking initiative.

Do you ever get tired of having to be the one to initiate things? Do you ever wish someone would call you up or text you and ask you to do something, instead of you having to? I do.

Do you ever wonder if people are waiting for you to take initiative? I do.

It is also about feeling lonely even though one may be surrounded by people. Do any of you ever feel that way? I do sometimes.

As many of you know, I am a nature nut. Even though I may be by myself in nature, I never feel alone in nature. Insects are always approaching, the wind usually visits, the sun shines, birds sing, owls hoot, water waves hello, leaves dance in excitement to see you, frogs rib-bit... It seems that nature does its best to include us, all we have to do is look around, listen and be present. I have had some amazing experiences in nature, just because I took the initiative to be there.

The funny thing is the day after I wrote this in my journal, a friend did contact me to go out for lunch. We had a fabulous heart to heart, mind to mind visit! The universe does listen!

Maybe I did take initiative after all by writing my thoughts down....hmmmm.

Happy Paint Party Friday to you and thank you for taking initiative to share your art and for visiting other peoples' worlds and for leaving thoughtful comments.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May is Positively the Month of Permission and Possibilities!

May is permission month.  Give yourself permission and time to play!  I have to, otherwise I will go crazy.  When I don't create, I feel all off balance.

May is so full of new possibilities with spring popping up more every day.  There are so many places and things to see and hear for inspiration.  

I am participating in Sketchbook Skool's a Drawing a Day Challenge.  Last Saturday's word prompt was single.  There were so many amazing signs of spring that I couldn't decide on one single thing to draw and paint, so I selected a whole punch of single things.  I am finding that my watercolour skills and confidence  are improving each week.  I only use primary colours and am learning how to mix so many colours and to have patience by letting the colours dry before adding new layers.  I am getting less browns!

Today's word prompt was "inside".  I drew a whole bunch of squares and painted them mixing a whole punch of different greens inside them.  Then I drew a circle in each square.  The task was to either draw in the circles, around them or include them.  The idea was to not think too much about the drawing, but just be free to play and experiment.  It was amazing what popped out of my head.  There was a lot stored "inside".

I hope you take advantage of the month of May and give yourself permission to do the things you love!

Happy Paint Friday!  Thank you for taking the time to respond with meaningful, specific compliments and comments.  They help me grow as an artist and thinker!

Remember to live!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Positively Love the Surprises Nature Brings

What is that I see lurking beneath my tree?

I am positively a nature freak.  As promised last week, here are some photos of the owlets I have been stalking for many weeks.

After taking about a hundred pictures of the one owlet, I ventured to the other side of the nest and under it to see if I could see the other owlets and perhaps find some feathers or owl pellets to show my students.

There was one!

This little one was sticking its tongue out!

There were two! We see you!

There were three little owlets!

As I bent down to pick up a feather, my eyes caught something very special and surprising.  It was one of those moments in one's life when you get that little quiver inside of you and you think to yourself that life is awesome and you have perfect timing and this once in a lifetime surprise will never ever happen again.  It was truly an "Oh, God" moment and I am so thankful to be alive to witness it.  I tried to convince my son and husband to come see the owlets, and they wouldn't.  Look what they missed out on!

Earlier, I could hear something in the grass at the base of the Cottonwood trees and thought that it was just the catkins falling from above.  Luckily, it wasn't only that, it was a PORCUPINE!  When I first spotted it, I thought it might be dead, but it MOVED!  It was trying to stay still and rest, but the dreaded ants were driving the poor thing crazy and it had to move!  Me, too!

The ants, flies, spiders and mosquitoes are out and they were annoying the owlets too!

Take a look at its teeth.  I told it, "Dude, You need to brush your teeth!"

I never realized that porcupines have such long claws.  They climb trees, so duh.

Woman, what are you doing?  I'm trying to sleep!

This whole week has been a marvelous week for nature for me.  Two Canadian geese visited on the top of my barn roof.

A duck landed in my dugout as I sat there journaling.  A robin built its nest right before my eyes. A meadow lark followed me and sang  boisterously.

Two hawks screeched and dove in front of me.  The owlets played peek a boo and a porcupine entertained me form mere metres away.

It is no wonder why I feel inspired to journal.  Here are two journal entries I did through the daily writing prompts from Sketchbook Skool.  The first word prompt was TOY.

The second and third word prompts were  kiss and favourite.  I combined them together.  On this page were random marks that I made to test out some brush markers, so I had to figure out how to integrate them into the page.  This is how it turned out!

For each prompt, I scoured dictionaries for definitions and then I randomly picked one and went for it. I love how this style of thinking leads to unlimited possibilities in my journal.  My day is so scheduled and time dependent, so my night life is the opposite, which is more more fun for me than planning things through.  Thus, I never know what surprises are positively awaiting me around the corner, under a tree or in my journal!

Remember to live!

Thank you for visiting!  Happy Paint Friday!  I sure love your specific and detailed comments!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Positively Remember to Live

Why? Since I posted this visual journal entry two weeks ago, four people I have known have passed away from cancer, and I have also remembered even more special people who have lost their battle.

One of my students that I taught at Crestwood School in grade four died recently. She was only 29 years old. She was a very special person. I remember writing about her in grade four that she had a smile as beautiful as a spring rainbow. She had the sweetest voice and admirable enthusiasm for what ever she did. She stayed after school helping me put on the finishing touches for a fur trading day. I remember her dressing up for our fur trading day in costume and sitting in the cardboard church that the students made singing Jesus Loves Me. I remember her singing with her grandparents in the church. She had every group of students and parents singing in the church. She was a kind a caring person who volunteered to help others.

Her parents were so thankful for her teachers, that every year they would invite her teacher and her teacher's family to their home for a delightful supper. I remember sitting in their living room listening to her playing the piano. What a special family and evening!

She posted on her Facebook page not too long ago, "Remember to live".

To celebrate knowing her, I remembered to live tonight. It was raining, but I invited my son Bryan to venture out to visit a nearby owl's nest. This morning I spotted an owlet poking its head out of the nest with its mother. I have been watching the nest since February, and updating my students on the progress each day.

After school, the mother and father were out of the nest and I spotted three little owlets poking their downy covered heads out of the top of the nest. So after supper, we ventured out in the rain and along the busy highway to get a closer look. The pictures ended up not the brightest, it was raining and the sun began to go down.

I think I can see four owlets.

We were treated to a conversation of hoots between the mother and father and me.

Please excuse the shakes.  I was standing on a slanted ditch.

After, a hawk swooped in and screeched, "Hello, I am watching you!"

A Blurry in the rain, but still important.  Showing life!

Later, the parents were getting nervous, so we hopped in the vehicle and drove to another nest. I noticed a head with white poking out this morning and was curious to identify the bird. As we were sitting in an approach nearby, two Canadian geese flew very close to the nest and then veered off. Sure enough, it was a Canadian goose nest high up in the tree top. We could see the beak, the white band and the tail feathers over the edge of the nest.

We decided to continue the journey down one of the range roads and were treated to the sightings of many, many deer. It was amazing how easily and gracefully they could leap over the barbed wire fences.

 I was asked today if we will still go on our field trip tomorrow if it rains. Yes, yes we will. It will be a reminder that just because it rains, we do not have to stop living.

 Thanks, Sonja for the reminder!  I will positively remember to live!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Holidays are Positively Joyous

For me and I imaging for most people, holidays are positively joyous.  This week I celebrated my time off by completing some art.

This above multimedia piece was started in the fall in an acrylic painting class I took.  I missed one class, and never seemed to be able to catch up.  I am a slow poke when it comes to painting and I always seem to be the last one done.  Anyways, this painting has stood on my art desk begging to be completed since then.  Finally, I told myself to get it done so I can move on.  The part that was holding me up was the plant area.  To me it didn't belong, even though it was in the original photograph.  After many months of stewing and pondering, I figured out the problem.  When I drew the plant, I left out the rocks and that made the plants look like they didn't belong!  At last, the problem has been solved!!!

To add actual texture, we used different gel mediums that had things like glass beads and sand  to the rocks.  We also used molding paste, crackle medium and a few other mediums.  It was a bit challenging painting over some of the applied textures.  The trick to this painting was paying attention to the shapes of the negative spaces and not think about painting the rocks or the plant.

I love rocks because there are no two alike, just like people!

Here are a few more journal pages that I did this week.  I used washi tape to create sections.

This second journal page was completed for Sketchbook Skool's Drawing A Day Prompt: Flourish.

Today I was testing my rubber stamps that I made in Expressing, with Penelope Dullaghan, in last year's klass, but was left with a page of randomness to deal with.  My challenge was to make a bunch of random objects flourish together.  I ended up with this flourish page. I have an acreage and a bunch of barn cats.  The cats will do ANYTHING to flourish, even if it's going to make them look RIDICULOUS!

I hope you too had a holiday full of joy and art.  Happy Paint Friday to you!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Visual Journaling is Positively For Me!

Visual journaling is positively for me! I haven't posted much in 2016-2017, but I have been actively pursuing my goals of improving my art.  I have taken two art classes and have thoroughly enjoyed learning from them.  However, they always require precision and planning and lots of concentration. There are many times when I just do not want to fuss.  I want to embrace creativity, and be okay with just having fun and I give myself permission to explore and make mistakes, because my journal is a place for me to be me.

Here are a few things that I have been working on:
1. Improving in drawing faces, no pencil and erasing allowed, using shades of grey

2. Using my visual journal to express myself  emotionally with colour, text and illustrations
3. Using different media

4. Making mistakes and learning from them
5. Using ephemera from my daily life to help capture memories and feelings, experiences

If you have never tried visual journaling, and want to make art, but are afraid to ruin that expensive canvas or paper, visual journaling is perfect for you!  Visual journaling is positively perfect for me!

Happy Paint Friday!  Thank you for taking the time to leave specific comments.  I appreciate you!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Watercolour Paint is Truly Diverse in Usage

Welcome Paint Party friends.  This week's installment is another watercolour multimedia piece.  My goal for this year is to improve on drawing and painting faces.  I used ink to do the background and then adhered paper napkins to create another layer for the background.  Next used some acrylic paint, gelatos, watercolour paint, white pen and marker to add the face, words and little dots.

The second piece is a little study I completed in my watercolour class.  It was the first time that I used masking fluid to block out white in the clouds and the water.  We were also shown how to use a little stub of a brush and to wipe away access paint with a paper towel to blend the paint.  It gets rid of harsh edges and softens the transition from one colour to the next!  I love that technique!  

I was quite excited about the vibrant colours!  I usually end up with very pastel colours.  I have realized that watercolours always dry lighter and that layering is important, but layer after the colour has dried completely to prevent a muddy colour from forming or a puddle of ugly from running across the paper. Finally, mix colours with equal paint to water to create a  more vibrant colour!

I am learning more each week that watercolours are positively more diverse than I at first thought!

May your week be full of peace and art!

Thank you for all of your positive compliments last week, I so appreciate them.  I hope to visit more blogs this weekend, as I am not out of town like last weekend!