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Friday, September 7, 2012

Positively One Hundred

 Well, it has taken me one hundred years, or so it seems, to finish this pen and ink picture of my father in-law's positively one hundred year old house.  I was hoping to finish in August, but due to many camping and fishing adventures, I didn't have the opportunity.  The angles of the house made my brain hurt, I had to use a lot of math skills, a real stretch for me.  I don't like measuring when I draw, but it turned out to be fun. 

The first time I saw this house, I absolutely drooled.  The red brick is so lovely in the sunlight.  The beautiful details around the windows, the white columns, the roomy porch with the most wonderful light sea green paint on the underside of the overhang, the bay windows, the stained glass windows, the attic up top and the brick chimney have always appealed to my antique loving heart.  The attic up top with the north facing window is where I hope to have my art studio one day.  If only I could move the house onto my acreage, it would be my dream come true. 

It is such a charming house.  On many days throughout the year, strangers knock on the door wanting to purchase this beauty!

People slow down in their vehicles as they pass by this gem
that is delightfully protected by a beautifully treed boulevard. 

Happy birthday, you wonderful one hundred year old brick house!

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  1. OMG!!! Renee this is fabulous! Stunning!!! I was just in Medicine Hat yesterday and drove along 1st street, one of my absolute favourite streets to drive along ... and DROOL!!! Beautiful old houses! I'm not sure where your father-in-law's house is, as there are a few gems like this to be found in the Hat but perhaps I have been past this beauty and left drool marks as I too, have slowly driven by! LOL! You did a wonderful job! What a treasure to be framed until the art studio can be moved to the north facing window! :)

    1. His house is further up the SE hill,a hint without giving away his street address on line. His street also has many character homes. I love 1st Street too. This house has a lot of history and has changed on the inside a lot. It has beautiful moldings and three fireplaces, but two have been blocked and one has been converted into a gas fireplace. It is in a cozy little den. The house was at one point like an apartment. It had two family dwellings. It still has two kitchens, one upstairs on the second story which has huge walk out deck. It would be great to sit there in the morning eating breakfast, listening to the birds and painting and drawing. There is actually a fully developed basement, which is very rare for that time period. Mind you anyone much over 6 feet two inches has to bend over slightly!
      Thanks for your support!:0)


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