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Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Positively a Horse, Face 6 and 7

Well, the challenge of the 29  Faces project is to try something new. I decided to take some photos on my  iphone and use them for the first time on my blog.   I was originally hiding behind our cattle chute spying on our horse, because he somehow untied himself twice, and my husband wanted to know how he managed to keep on doing it.  I was going to capture him on video, but do you think he would perform his trick while the video camera was on?  Oh, no, like a magician, he is too smart to give away his tricks.  It is the same horse that figured out how to pull a string to open the latch of the top half our barn door open.  Houdini, move over!

Puddin,' the horse I was spying on, is our newest and youngest horse, and has become comfortable enough to snuggle in close.  Today he let me hug and nuzzle in closely to him.  He even rested his head on my shoulder.  I could feel the weight of him on me.  He was very curious about the iphone.  He kept poking his nose into the screen.

My husband and I, along with our horses, spent the afternoon in the corrals, pretending to be cowboy and cowgirl calf roping champions.  Actually, my husband rode the horses and I rode the riding lawnmower, which pulled the mechanical calf on wheels.  Typically we use a quad to pull the calf, but my son was off to Saskatchewan to quad for the day. It must have looked funny.  'Round and round I went, with bright orange safety earmuffs, bobbing up and down, continually over the same path.  The muffled sound of the motor made me sleepy.  I wonder if anyone noticed my head bobbing, I took a few seconds nap now and then.  I wonder if I drove straight?  My husband didn't complain, so I guess I did.  Now you know why I don't usually drive long distances and alone, once I am in a vehicle, I am out.   Man, they should put better shocks on riding lawnmowers, my back and shoulders are all tight.  Anyways, face number 6 is positively entitled, "Horse Face, You Think You Have a Long Nose!"

Cool Sky
If you look closely, on the top left hand corner of this photograph, you will see face number 7, entitled, "Koala Bear Watches Horses!"  Creative title, I know! LOL  Today's faces are positively about the horses!

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