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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Positively Fishy

Rainbow Trout
  It may seem positively fishy that a prairie gal from Southern Alberta would spend time making art of a rainbow trout, but that is precisely what I did.  I began this several weeks ago in my art class.  We stayed indoors in the studio, as it was storming and raining cats and dogs outside, and to be honest, inside too.  The old studio had a few leaks around the antique windows. 

Our challenge was to pick something created by another local artist from the studio and draw and colour it using pencil crayon.  The original was a metal sculpture.  I chose a fish because at the time I had been camping and fishing, and it seemed appropriate that I should create art of a fish.  The metal rainbow trout was on a metal stand which I placed upon a table in the cafe.  The cafe has red tables with curly cues under the glass. I decided not to draw the stand nor the table, but keep the curly cues and turn them the waves using colours of water.  I ran out of time, so I ended up finishing it tonight, several weeks later and had to use photographs to figure out how to finish the fish.  I decided to use many shades of blue, purple and green to create the water.  Rainbow trout are positively beautiful fish to create art of!

Tail Detail

Mid-Section Detail

Head Detail

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