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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Deer, Dahlias, Damsels - A Positively Delighful City Night

Delightfully we spent the evening in the city at my parents' house.  Prowling around a neighbour's garage, I managed to snap a few photos of a fawn.  I've always wondered how the people in Medicine Hat are able to have well manicured lawns, with little effort.  Now I know.  On a regular basis, there are deer scattered about the city.  Yesterday, there were two deer lounging below my classroom window.  I should never leave the area to see wildlife.  Medicine Hat and area is loaded with many creatures.  There was also a little bunny beside my parents' house, but I chose to direct my attention to the deer instead.  I had to be quick, not because the deer was in any hurry to dine and dash.  No,  my mother is not a fan of deer in her or her neighbour's flower bed, so I had to hurry because of my mother.  She is a deer hunter. After a few shots... not gun shots, photography shots, I watched in horror as my mother chased the baby deer away!  "Aw come on, not before I got the ultimate deer photo!" I pouted in dismay like a damsel in distress.  Boohoo! 

Is She Still Watching Me?
 I followed the fawn into the back alley, and to my happiness, I spotted some lovely flowers peaking their heads above and between the fences.  Oh, well, it was fortunate that I was able to take the photos I did.  It is now getting dark around 8:00!  Ugh!  The evening was positively a city delight!

Ain't I Cute?

I Missed a Spot

I Wonder How Long I Can Get Her to Follow Me? 

Just A Little Trim Here

Will She Cross the Road If I Do?

Dahlias in the Night

Her Hair Waved and Danced  in the Wind

The Great Escape

I Feel Like I Am In Jail!

On the Look Out

What Is She Doing In the Neighbour's Yard?

Long Ears. Long Eyelashes. Longing Glances.

The photographs are soul property of Renee Dowling.
Please contact her to use her photos in any way.

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