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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Positively Happy Face 5

Positively Happy Face (Face Number 5) 
One of my blog followers wished me a weekend of positively happy faces.  Her words became the inspiration for today's face.  The background was created around Christmas time in my art journal, with acrylic paint using an old itunes card.  I finally found a use for the background tonight!  The positively happy face was created using watercolour and watercolour pencils, and a fine tipped black marker. The woman may resemble me somewhat, as I had my husband take a picture of me with the hat on so I could get the tilt and the shadows correct. My goal was not to do a self-portrait. It is the first face I have painted of a human since I took lessons in the spring. The hat a drawing of a hat from my hat collection. I love antique hats!  I also used a sketch of a flower I did one night while waiting for my photographs to load on my blog.  Keys, an fob from an old key chain I once used and a poem from a miniature book of poems about joy, also adorn my page.  The finishing touches involved me cutting out little butterflies that I had stamped onto some watercolour test paper, a metallic marker to add shine and curlicues and a border and some sparkly corners, birds and bubble stickers.  I hope my positively happy face made you smile!

Detail 2

Detail 1

Smile Poem

Journal and Hat

Detail 4

The happy face art is soul property of Renee Dowling.
Please contact her if you would like to use her images in any way.

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