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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Positively Facing The Music

Positively Facing the Music (Face Two)
I had to positively face the music today and accept that Summer is ready for her yearly vacation and Fall is edging his way in. She and I had a great time together, and soon it will be time to say so long and welcome Fall back to join me at football games, strolls through the Cottonwood leaves and school hallways, early sunsets, Halloween costume parties, and Thanksgiving turkey.  We will have to shop for new sweaters and long pants, but I am sure we will have just as much fun as I did with Summer, but it will just be different!  Positively facing the music that Fall is on his way, made be reflect on my time with Summer and be grateful for the time we had together.

Visual Journal
The visual journey entry helped me to reflect on the summer.  I used watercolour paint, rubber stamps, old dictionay pages, Canon piano sheet music, a label from some yummy iced tea, a Chinese watercolour painting  of mine of a dragonfly, paper from alist of photographs that I used in a previous blog entry which I used to draw today's face #2, fine tipped balck marker and packing tape to make a transparent transfer.

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  1. Beautiful pieces. I've always wanted to explore the world of watercolor. I know it's an "unforgiving medium" but it's effects are amazing! Glad to know you're joining in on the 29 Faces challenge.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Scarlet. Watercolour is very fun and challenging, but when it cooperates, it feels so good. Faces really are a challenge for me, but I am up for trying! I appreciate your comments and time!

  2. Nice page - very reflective. Your girl looks pretty stoic about saying goodbye to summer. Visiting from 29 Faces!

    1. Stoic, I have to agree, not much we can do about time passing. With this project, I hope to be able to grow with showing emotions in my people. Thanks for your comments and for visiting.

  3. such a lovely way to honor the change of seasons.

    1. Tammie Lee, thanks for visiting and for the compliment.


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