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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Positively Feathered Faces

Have a peek through the forest to see the positively feathered faces we spotted today!

Feathery Face
  Today at Police Point Park for my grade sixes' Community Classroom, we were privileged to witness some positively feathered faces.  I had just commented to the young explorers that if they were more quiet, they will be surprised to see some wildlife.  Two minutes hadn't yet passed when to our surprise,  two...yes two.... Great Horned owls lit from a branch above our heads, revealing their gigantic wing span to us.  We spent about ten minutes creeping closer and closer taking millions of pictures.

Are You Lookin' At Me?

Birds of a Feather Stick Together

Would You Please Be Quiet, I Am Trying To Eat?!

The positively feathered faces truly delighted our hearts.  One student declared,"We are the luckiest group in the whole world.  We keep seeing the best birds!"  I have to agree.  I also think I am the luckiest teacher in the whole  world for having such wonderful, enthusiastic students and a supportive principal, parent council, staff, community members, volunteers and school district leaders who all value education and "new" ways of learning. This is more than a field trip, it is an entire week where the students are outside in the community having real life experiences and adventures!  If only all people could be so lucky...!

Sorry, no art tonight. I am positively pooped!

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Renee Dowling.
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  1. You and your students did see the 'best birds!' Then again, I'm rather fond of those big ole' owls! LOL!

  2. Owl is in Dowling, so I have to agree!


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