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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Positively Challenging Faces

Well, I missed yesterday's post, and it is not that I was being lazy, in fact, I stayed up until 1:30 last night trying to get my positively challenging face number three completed.  Gesh, just when I thought I had captured the woman's grin and smiling eyes, I realized I had drawn her head twice the size of the old man's head.  I erased, erased and erased, redrew, redrew and redrew, and finally said enough is enough.  I decided to tackle the friendly old woman again.  I am not terribly excited about the outcome, but I can no longer erase, there is so much ghosting that I am almost wasting my time.  It was a good challenge for me.  The photograph is featured in my post called Positively Interesting Summertime People.  The people have such interesting facial characteristics that really challenged me.  Oh, well, my blog is about my art journey, and not about reaching perfection. 

Positively Challenging Faces (3)

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  1. These faces are so expressive. Very well done!

    1. I loved their faces this summer when I first saw them at a Summer Games event. I just had to draw them. I appreciate your encouragement, Debbie.


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