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Monday, September 10, 2012

Positively Facing the Challenge

On one of the blogs I follow, the blogger has accepted the challenge of creating 29 faces in any medium, in thirty days of September.  I have officially put my name on the challenge page, and I thought I would positively face the challenge.  I am going to use different media.  Tonight I used 2HB/soft pencil and thick watercolour paper.  The man is one of my favourite faces I spotted in Lethbridge this summer at Shakespeare in the Park.  I am curious about where he originally came from and why he is wearing a toque with snowflakes and a suit, t-shirt and a dress shirt, as it was about 36 degrees during the day.  I also found the contrast of his face, old and wrinkled against his rather modern shirt casually unbuttoned at the top, sort of preppy and interesting.  After the performance, I spotted him with his companions off in the distance walking very hunched and probably all a maximum of four feet tall.  I wonder if he spent many hours working in a village field bent over harvesting by hand? Just as I am sure he has faced many challenges in his life, I am going to positively accept the challenge of drawing a face a day for the rest of September.

Facing the Challenge, Face 1

Beautiful Man

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  1. Looks great! It is so hard to make wrinkles!

    1. Thanks, Ayala for you compliment and your great idea for the challenge!

  2. I am really loving all these drawings/sketches. And WOW! I can't believe the number of participants. Good Going, Ayala! Wish I had time to post on everyone's individual submissions.

    1. It is great to see so many ideas and talented people across the globe.


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