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Monday, September 3, 2012

Positively Black and White

I've mentioned it before, but I positively enjoy creating art in black and white.   I created a different bookmark for each of my students, but forgot to take pictures of them.  On Thursday, however, two more students registered for grade six, so I made them a bookmark today and remembered to take a photograph of them.  Here they are.  I have made 20 bookmarks, each unique.

Here is another piece of art I did in black and white using traditional Chinese watercolour paint and techniques.  It was very fun mixing the black using traditional methods, scraping the ink powder and then mixing water into a little clay pot, round and round and holding the brush vertically with three fingers, again in the traditional way.  The process is meant to be relaxing and reflective.  The idea of Chinese watercolour painting is to capture a moment and be simplistic, with few strokes and little hints about location in background.The little bird turned out to have quite a personality.   (Sorry about the glare and reflection of me off of the glass.  I was being lazy and didn't want to take the picture out of the frame.)

 Positively black and white art is very soothing to me.

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