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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Positively Amazing Drumheller

If you ever want to venture off to a positively amazing land that is rich in ancient history, Drumheller, Alberta is the place you will want to escape to.  Its stunning hills layered with a myriad of colors show the true passage of time.  At the foot of the delightfully tiered hills, lay charming farm yards, and alluring images carved into the sand by rain, wind and erosion.  Wondering downtown is also an essential part of the adventure where amiable art galleries promote local artists of all ages, a nostalgic movie theatre with comfortable reclining seats treats movie goers to a relaxing night, fossil shops and antique stores entice shoppers to purchase a piece of the past, and dinosaurs, yes, dinosaurs, are on every street corner!  Even trees and sculptures in parks are fashioned to look like dinosaurs.  There are many things to see such as paleontologists chipping away the layers of the past to reveal ancient dinosaur bones and the Tyrrell Museum. If you love geography and history and dinosaurs, you will be positively amazed at what Drumheller has to offer!

Layers of Time

Charming Red Barns

Colourful Foliage

Smooth Mud Pictures

Rainbow Delight

Surrounded by History

The Sun Danced on the Hill Tops

Stunning Blue Skies and Majestic Hills

Smiles of Joy

Going With the Flow


Nature's Sculpture

Can't Get Enough of the Red Barn

Natural Beauty

Remember, Riding in the Mud

Pyramids of Time

Round and Round
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  1. Did you take the hwy from the red barn back into the Hand Hills??? A beauty of a drive! Lovely shots Renee! :)

    1. We were on a walk with our old dog and after she climbed up a steep slippery hill, she was done for the evening. It was starting to get dark, so we headed back to our trailer. Maybe another time we will have to search for the Hand Hills! Thanks for the compliment, Terry.


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