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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Positively Mini Faces

 With all of the big changes in the air, large amounts of leaves turning yellow making a massive sea of yellow across the lawn and huge flocks of birds gathering and preparing for migration, I thought it might be interesting to focus on the miniature faces in life, from the tiny sage flowers, the lady bird bug beetle, the busy bee and the little yellow bug (that I have never seen before), all enjoying the pretty pink miniature seedum flowers.  I continue to draw one line faces in miniature in my little blue handcrafted drawing book.  Today's faces are positively mini.

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  1. I absolutely (and positively!) adore your drawings Renee!

    1. Hi, Gena! I so wanted to be in your Open Studio class, but I have to work during those times. Thanks for taking time to visit and comment!


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