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Friday, June 8, 2012

Positively Worth It!

I have just returned from the barn and I am sitting with underwear full of hay, my butt is itchy and scratchy and it is positively worth it!  It is not what you are thinking...I was not rolling in the hay...hey...mind your manners on this Friday night!  I  was visiting the new born kittens, standing on a ladder and crawling across straw bales.  After taking a gigabyte of pictures I'm sure, I turned my attention to our horses, Puddin' and Jobi.  Once again, like a few nights before, I opened the half barn door, but this time the horses were the focus.  After giving them the favourite molasses cookies, the show began!  They posed, and prodded and performed.  We cuddled and rubbed noses... yes even mine. Then we ended the evening with peek-a-boo.  That's how I got straw in my underwear.  I laid on the barn floor and the horses repeatedly peeked their noses above the half barn door and kept reaching for me and my camera.  I got some pretty crazy horse pictures... it was positively worth it!
Look At Those Faces!


This Is Comfy!

We're Better Together!

It Started Out Innocently!
Then It Just Got Silly!

Why Can't You Paint Like Gena LaCoste?
(Notice the art on the barn walls?
Renee, why don't you have any Stampede Posters?)
If you would get your nose away
from that camera,
you could concentrate on your painting. 

We Need To Talk!
Do I Look Amused?
I'm Sticking My Neck Out On
The Line For You!
These photographs are "soul property" of
Renee Dowling.
If you would like to purchase or use her photographs in any way,
please contact her at


  1. I love your stories Renee. I laughed when you said, "mind your manners on this Friday night!". Cute! What great photos too! You know the personalities and expressions you hope to capture are there! The ones of the horses especially. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. After enjoying your paintings and taking my photographs last night, I said to myself, "These could be a Ross Lynem painting!", so I understand what you are saying!

      Did you know that on the second day of my blogging adventure, back on April 21, I visited your blog? I found the video by Louie Schwartberg that you had posted and it was a major inspiration for this blog?


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