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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Positively Excited

I am positively excited!  With this rainy weather, I had no excuse to go outside and photograph, so I followed my horse's advice from Friday night, "If you would get your nose from behind your camera, you would make time to paint!"  I spent the afternoon swept away painting and listening to music.  It is a marvellous feeling to be so wrapped up in something I enjoy so much!
Actually, my horse Puddin' doesn't know that I have been painting, but it hasn't been anything that I wanted to share.  I have also been doing a sketch a day while I wait for my photos to upload onto my blog.  Last week I started a watercolour painting of a red fox, only using red, blue and yellow.  It started off, well...I was ready to toss it out and start over, but I kept adding to it, letting it dry and adding layers, a little each day.  Finally, today I had a breakthrough, and figured out how to fix it.  I am excited about the results.  I used a black tipped fine tipped marker to outline and add small details, and I used watercolour pencils to fix up the area near the fox's snout.  I was trying to put a hole in front of him, but it ended up being a dark ugly focal after a bunch of alterations, I turned the ugly into pretty rocks.  I think so anyways.  I have spent the day researching red foxes so that I can create a children's story to go with it.  So for now, here is the painting that I am positively excited about...

Waiting Patiently

This watercolour painting is "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you wish to use the image,
purchase the painting
 or have her paint a picture for you,
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  1. Oh should be excited! That's amazing! Good luck with the story research! It's going to be wonderful:)


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