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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Positive Plants

With summer finally here, there are many positive plants to enjoy and admire.  The first two plant photographs are included to salute and celebrate National Aboriginal Day, the lovely sage.  It was once used as a deodorant.  The intelligent and resourceful Native Americans would rub the sage on their skin to hide their human smells and disguise themselves as "plants" as they were hunting the timid deer and the mighty bison.  They could very cleverly sneak up on the animals unnoticed hidden amongst the scents of the prairie plants. Another more squat and even softer type of sage was used as a gentle "toilet paper". Sage was also used in ceremonies to welcome the morning eastern sun.  Last year I was fortunate to receive sage that was blessed by a Cree elder.  We call her "Kokum" (Grandmother)!

Silver Sage

Fuzzy Sage

The next positive plant is the pretty pink peony.  They are later in arriving this year.  I usually float them in a fountain in my backyard each year for Father's Day.  This year they were all closed until yesterday!  The graceful petals are so interestingly wavy, going this way and that. They sure are a welcome addition to the palette in my very blue flax filled and bright white Shasta daisy flower beds.

Getting Ready

Hello, Partner!

The third plant that positively tickles my fancy is the iris.  Yes, I know, an iris is an iris, but I love the lines and textures and the slow unravelling.  They are almost like a dance, twisting, turning, unfolding, teasing, awakening...

The Awakening


Welcoming Butterfly Wings
 Welcome the World

Finally, the next plant is beautiful right now with its fluffy pink tails, the foxtail barley.  The horses and other grazers do not desire this plant at this stage and when it goes to seed, it is horrid with how it sticks to one's socks and shoelaces, but it is beautiful how it captures the light amongst the green young hay!

Pink Fox Tails

Oh, How You Sparkle!

Oh, How You Shine!

The captions remind me of a George Strait song, 
"Oh how you sparkle,
And oh how you shine,
That flush on your cheeks
Is more than the wine..."

Summer is here and there is something so positive about plants!
The photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you would like to use her photographs in any way
 or would like to purchase a copy,
please contact her


  1. I LOVE sage! It's right up there with Silver Berry! :)

    1. I just realized that sage blooms. Duh, I know plants flower, but I have never seen sage blooming, or maybe I haven't ever paid attention.


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