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Friday, June 22, 2012

Positively Relieved

I am positively relieved to finally get my laptop back from the repair shop. No more virus!  Now I can get on with my work and blogging and not feel guilty for hogging my son's computer.  Yipeee!   I was worried that I didn't back up all of music and photos properly, so I am equally relieved to have found my backup flash drives with all of my pictures of Prince Edward Island.  If you have never been to Prince Edward Island, the Gentle Island, you must add it to your bucket list.  When you are there, you feel so relaxed and enraptured, surrounded by gentle ocean water and sand so red that you won't believe your eyes, and low rolling hills with beautiful strip farming painted of fields of diverse colours and equally colourful buildings, and friendly people who are proud of their culture and celebrate openly their way of life both of the past and the present.  If the Island was good enough for the talented and wonderful author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, it is definitely good enough for all you kindred spirits out there!   I am positively relieved that I can share a few PEI pictures with you!

Cousin's Shore

Even the name's of the places are friendly.  Who wouldn't want to visit such a lovely place with bright red sand and that's named after a beloved family member,  Cousin's Shore? There is even a place called, "Pleasant View"!  The whole island could be called that!

Fields Painted With Colour

These gentle rolling hills are a canvas to small strips of fields painted with golden wheat and purply blue flax.
Coming from the prairies, I was so surprised to see such small fields!

Attractively Coloured Fishing Shacks
Colour here, colour there, there is colour everywhere,
Houses, fishing shacks, people, too,
Soil, sky,  fields, and music to name a few!

Anne of Green Gables Crew at Avonlee

Notice the beaver mountie?  We called him, "Justin Beaver".  Everywhere we went, we took a picture of him.  We had all kinds of people ask us what we were doing with the beaver.  I told them I was making a picture book for my grade twos and Justin Beaver was going to go on many trips with the grade twos throughout the year.  He journeyed and vacationed in Disneyland, Florida, Hawaii, Medicine Hat, and Winnipeg.  The students took pictures of him at the locations and journalled about their trips.

Justine Beaver Sits at Sir John Macdonald's Desk

Justin snuck into the office of Sir John A, shhh, don't tell anyone that he snuck behind the rope...

Justin in a Maple Tree

"Oh, the maple tree, the maple tree,
What a beautiful sight to see..."  
Michael Mitchell

Justin drinks Raspberry Cordial...Yumm!

You have to try the raspberry cordial!  It is so delicious.  If it is good enough for Anne, it has to be good enough for you!

Oh, The Colours!

Okay, enough with the beaver.  Can you believe the colours of the rocks, sky and the sand?

North Cape's Rocky Cliffs

Okay, there is one more Justine Beaver photo that I have to share.  The sign in the background is blurred, but it says, "Attention, Dangerous Cliffs!"

Justin, What Did the Sign Say?

I was positively relieved to find my photographs today!  Isn't it time that you go to PEI? 

It's About Time...
The Old and the New
The PEI photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you wish to use the photos in any way or purchase copies,
please contact her


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