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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Positive Possibilities

The prairie has many positive possibilities to offer.  Strangers to the prairie often think of the prairie as flat, nothing but boring flat land with nothing to look at.  I proprose that they need to get out of their vehicles and take a long peek to pause and ponder about the abundant positive possibilities of the prairies.  This is what I spotted tonight.


Red Cliffs and a Wandering River Valley

Rolling Hills Like Ocean Waves

A Spectacular Colourful Sky

An Enchanting Sunset
If you're not from the prairie you don't know the sky, you can't know the sky
The bold prairie sky is clear bright and blue
Though sometimes cloud messages give us a clue
Monstrous grey mushrooms can hint of a storm
Or painted pink feathers say good bye to the warm
If you're not from the prairie you don't know the sky.
David Bouchard
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