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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Positively Metamorphic

Positively metamorphic represents today in many ways.  The day started out horribly windy and ended positively calm.  Tonight was the grade eight celebration for leaving middle school  and going to high school in the fall.  The next stage of their school lives. 

Each girl transformed from the pupae stage to beautiful butterflies and moths, all dress up and in their best glittery, brightly coloured pretty dresses.  Most of the boys were also decked out in their finest dress shirts and ties.  They all seemed to transfigure from the typical teenager with raging hormones to young adults in a flicker of a butterfly's wings. 

I loved the principal's message.  He showed a video of a man and women riding an escalator.  The man was further ahead than the woman.  Suddenly the escalator stops.  Both the man and woman get distressed that the escalator isn't moving... they are stuck.  The grumble, shout and yell for help, but do nothing.  Instead of walking the few steps up the escalator, the man remains stuck.  The principal encouraged the students to "unstick" themselves when problems occur as they move on. Sometimes all it takes is a little courage and a few steps ahead, and the person can emerge from the cocoon and move ahead to the next phase.  The principal also mentioned the woman.  She was stuck, but very close to the bottom of the escalator.  He said that it is okay when one is in a pickle to take a few steps back and to reflect to get out of a jam.  So true! Isn't that part of becoming an adult... figuring out how to get out of jams.  I loved his message.  If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or are stuck in a unsatisfying career... do something about it... either move on and ahead, or step back, reflect and approach it differently... but the point is which ever way you handle it... just do it already!

Anyways, while I was outside photographing the second I got home, I saw three of these beautiful insects, fluttering about my head, playing and teasing with me.  I am sure they were laughing that I could only walk and not fly like they were.  Their carefree actions were just like the positively metamorphic young adults tonight!

Figuring It Out!
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