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Monday, June 11, 2012

Positively Fabulous Fence Posts

My goal for this blog is to make positive posts for each day and to connect them to my art.  I have just realized that many of my photographs are of posts, fence posts.  I also find myself drawing and painting fence posts. Why is that I wonder?  Is it because they make me feel nostalgic for the past?  Are they a symbol of a time in the past when hard work was valued and necessary?  Are they a symbol of hope that one day the field will be filled with cattle and there will be enough food to put on the table to fill the bellies of young children?  Are the posts a symbol of possibilities?  What will land on the posts and brighten our days?  Will it be a hawk clearing our fields of the pesky gopher, an owl taking a rest from its hunt or a meadowlark singing its spring tune to celebrate the passing of the quiet winter?  Is the post a symbol of pride that marks our territory, this land of ours belongs to us?  Do I admire the post because of the many textures and colours and the strength it holds?  Is it a focus in my photographs and art because it can be a home to moss, a snowflake or a spider and its intricate spider web?  Is it a symbol of childhood memories and the challenge that we encountered trying to crawl through the barbed wire without getting our clothes or hair caught, or is it a symbol of the fun that we had in the trees on the other side of the fence? The posts could be a symbol of adventure, what lies on the other side, is the grass really greener on the other side? Could it be that on the prairie we are so desperate for trees that we will accept a tree in any form we can? Hmmm, I wonder why I find posts so positive?
The Prairie Post
Moss and Snowflake Post

Hitchin Post and Hay Field

To Stop and Smell the Roses

The photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
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