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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Positively Amazed!

Two days is a row I have been positively amazed.  I have been trying to divert my blog from my professional life, but today I had to mention school. When working with people, you never know what one is going to encounter, especially when the people are young.  The days vary so much, and anything can happen depending on many variables.  Each day lots of questions come to mind, how much sleep did they get, how much time did they spend playing video games, or spend on Facebook, what happened in the morning, was breakfast eaten, did something happen on the way to school, are the hormones extra high, did they actually do their homework, is there a full moon...?  Logically, no day is the same.  The amazing thing is for the past two days, some of our students totally made us proud and overcame any obstacles they may have encountered.  The students cooperated with each other, listened to their fantastic music teacher and put on a musical called, "Possibilities" that the students helped write and choreograph, and was worthy of a standing ovation!  After all of the grumbles, the uncooperativeness, the rebelling, the quitting, they actually pulled it off!!!! Amazing!  

Today we were celebrating positive behaviour and work habits by going swimming.  The bus that was supposed to take us to the swimming pool, left without us. At first we weren't sure if we were early or late, but discovered the other classes forgot about us and didn't mention to the bus driver to wait.  June brain! The amazing part is the students who were waiting didn't carry on and grumble or really blame anyone.  We decided to make the most of the situation, and played outside during our "swimming time."  We played Rock, Paper, Scissor Tag and played a fun game of soccer, most of us in bare feet because we had sandals or flip-flops on to go to the pool.  We had a great afternoon, despite the disappointment.  I was once again amazed with their dealings of the situation.  Tomorrow we are going to have a pizza party to celebrate their positive attitude and their completion of their work!  I am positively amazed!
Since I am on the topic of being positively amazed, I have to share a drawing that I made using mostly pointillism.  Le Beau, our cat, when first born, was the most skittish, hissing kitten of the batch.  One look at us, and he would bolt.  He was also the tiniest, so my son named him after the character on Hogan's Heroes.  The positively amazing thing is he became the most affectionate, friendly cat and would jump up on our laps, and purr and purr and lick and lick us.  He has disappeared, but will be remembered always as positively amazing!

Le Beau

The drawing is soul property of Renee Dowling.
If you would like to use her drawing in any way, please contact her at

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