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Monday, June 18, 2012

Positively A- Okay

(AKA All Is A-Okay)

My dad is positively A-Okay!  Dad's classic signal whenever we say farewell or hello is the the peace sign with a little wave, but it really means to me "all is a-okay". Since it is Father's Day, I thought I would pay tribute to my dear dad. 

Dad always has a positive attitude even when things seem unfair.  He never grumbles, even when his body is aching.  He has provided so many positive experiences for my sister and me, my mom and our own families. 

Dad is never demanding, or unkind.  His sense of humour is also kind.  It is because of him that I love music.  As a little girl, I used to love sitting at his feet listening to him play his guitar, while I sang along, "Do Lord, oh do lord, do you remember me? Oh, do lord..." 

My fondest memories however, are of us camping and fishing.  Dad and I are both early risers.  We used to, and still do, enjoy getting up early to catch the big one.  The first person to catch a fish earns a quarter, the biggest fish a quarter and the most a quarter!  Dad is not a big conversationalist and either am I, but just being together on the prairie lakes, listening to the boat giggle as the water tickles it's sides, or the cows mooing good morning on the shore, or feeling the sunshine warming our shoulders,  each dreaming about the big catch or thinking how wonderful it feels to be on the soothing water together as daughter and father, brings fond memories to my mind. 

It is because of him, I am drawn to the water each day on my acreage.  It is because of all the nights he spent playing catch in the backyard with me, riding bikes down the rough prairie road to Police Point, and trekking down the highway to that prairie fishing hole to camp and fish each summer that I love nature.  It is because dad is so creative with his hands, like when he makes ice fishing gadgets from scratch, that I like to create with my hands.

Dad is always there for me and is always happy and positive.  When I say, "Look, Dad, there is a hawk in the tree!"  or "Look, dad, there is a pelican," he smiles and trolls closer to the shore so I can get a photograph. I am so privileged to have had another year with him! My dad is positively a-okay!

Daddy's Hands Are Always Kind!

Look, Dad!  There's a hawk!

Can We Get Closer?

Thanks, Dad!

Let's Go Ice Fishing!

Ah, This Is The Life!

Dad, Give 'er!

Waves Tickle the Boat and My Fancy

Dad's Fishing Hands are A-Okay!

These photographs dedicated to Renee's dad are her "soul property".
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  1. I lost my dad 12 years ago and still miss him terribly! This post brought tears to my eyes...Happy Belated Father's Day Uncle Orville!

    Every new day is a good day:) My dad used to say that all the time after he was diagnosed.


  2. What a great attitude! It puts things into perspective. Sniff, sniff!


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