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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Positively Sunny

Positively sunny best illustrates my day. The sun gloriously shone upon a lot of my students today and encouraged them to reflect the radiant sun from within their hearts. It was also enlightening to meet with some very hopeful, passionate teachers for sunny conversations and heart warming motivation. The sun also swept my soul to add more onto my rock watercolour painting. I am becoming less intimidated by the paper, water and paint and am beginning to courageously mix colours and add highlights and complimentary colours to get other colours to pop. I am really starting to see what colours are really there. Thanks to my wonderful watercolour teacher, Gena Lacoste!  Positively sunny is how I feel!


This photograph reminds me of a glorious summer sun.
It is "soul" property of Renee Dowling.  If you would like to purchase or use the photograph in any way, please contact Renee Dowling at

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