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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Positively Perfect

Positively perfect sums up my day...gardening, fishing, being with family, sitting by a campfire. As I sat upon the gorgeous rocks at Spruce Coulee, I loudly stated, "I could do this for the rest of my life." We were fishing for brook trout, relaxing in the fleeting sunshine, baiting our hooks with shrimp, once frozen corn and very hard white marshmallows. There wasn't that much fishing action but it was so wonderful to be in the fresh air, surrounded by slow moving water, hundreds of minnows swimming by, happy children and adults just being. The aspen trees were budding their yellow green leaves, the sky ever changing from warm smiling sun to teasing rain clouds, one minute to the next the temperature kept changing, even the wind changed from the east, when the fish bite the least, to west when the fish bite the best. My nephew, uncle and I caught brook trout. They were so beautiful, red spots, blues, green, purple. They were also very delicious barbequed in butter and lemon pepper! I also was gifted in being around a very special little girl... She is so curious, enthusiastic, appreciative and friendly. I wish all children and adults had her gift of loving the world and the people around them. It may come as a surprise to know that I said that I wish all children and adults were like her, she was born with Down's Syndrome and a whole lot of health problems, but she has a special zest for life, something more people could benefit from. She is not afraid to explore, to make new acquaintances and to get down, get dirty, play and live each day like there is no tomorrow. Positively perfect, I'd say!
New Hope
The new growth contrasting the old growth struck me as beautiful.
My dog seems to agree with me that the day was "Positively Perfect".

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  1. Actually, Renee, I meant this comment to go below the drawing of the cottonwood tree! Duh! Don't know what happened. Anyway, you're most welcome for the help. I'm here for ya kid!

    1. I was having problems last night too.I was trying to edit a spelling mistake and do you think I could...No. I guess I shouldn't be trying to post things on my Ipad.


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