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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Positive Artist's Date

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I made time for an artist's date. Thursday, I attended a high school drama performance called, "Rabbit Hole". It was very sad, but the performances were amazing, believable and perfectly timed. I was very proud of one performer, whom I taught in in grade five. She was very shy, sweet, but loved to perform each week in an invention I created called, "Show Time". She did a phenomenal job. Another performer was from my other school. He was so meek and put himself perfectly into the fragile character. He only had a small part, but his lines and demeanor made tears pool in my eyes. His character hit a four year old as he was running after his dog chasing a squirrel across the street. How horrible for a young 16 year old driver. The saddest line was when he apologized for hitting the boy. He thought he was distracted and was speeding at 32 km per hour in a 30 km zone. Poor kid. Friday and Saturday I made time to take a few photographs. Saturday I visited Inspire Cafe to look at the art, treating myself to lemon poppy seed cake and a cold glass of milk. I also treated myself to my favourite veggie panini and raspberry Italian soda at Zucchini Blossom. I visited several greenhouses and my favourite Home Hardware in a small town nearby. I had a great day, alone, shopping for gifts and treating myself to a few nice things too. I also made time this weekend to paint more on my rock picture, play piano, try a new song and spruce up my flower beds. Yes... Even Jeff helped me rake! What a guy.

Crying In the Rain

Flax is a prairie plant that grows very well in our area and in my flower beds.
A new flower opens with the sunshine and closes at night.
This is one of my favourite photos I took a long time ago with my first digital camera.
This photograph is "soul" property of Renee Dowling.
If you would like to purchase or use her photograph,
please contact her at 

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