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Monday, May 28, 2012

Positively Ducky

This evening has been positively ducky, literally and figuratively.  The skies have cleared, the much needed rain has stopped and the birds are chirping delightedly.  Venturing around my acreage, I was surprised to find an extra large and very furry "bird", three different times in three different trees.  It turned out it was our very spoiled barn cat, which has become a house cat because of her siblings not treating her very well and continually chasing her.  Today it was like the Loonie Tunes, "Sylvester" the cat chasing Tweety, only Tweety is really our cat, "Painted Smile", named after a famous bucking horse, by my husband.  Painted Smile did have some great poses up in the trees, however.  As scared as she was, she is now lounging and preening on her rocking chair, as happy as a gopher in a wheat field! 

My nightly journey to the dug out, turned out to be ducky, too, literally.  I declared yesterday, that I should buy a hunting blind to put up at the dugout, so I can get some decent photographs of some ducks.  Every time I spot a duck, it bolts, squawks and flies off.  Tonight was different, I spotted a duck and it stayed in the dugout.  Maybe it is building a nest, because this is the second time I have seen it and it hasn't flown off!  It was very enjoyable watching it "hide" along the bank, wading in the water with its head down.  It made for an excellent reflection.  Now I will be on a mission each night to see if I will be a new ducky mom.  Other birds joined me at the dugout trying to figure out what I was up to.  The evening sky was also positively ducky tonight.  The way the sun was poking its head out among the darker clouds was breathtaking!  Positively ducky!

I Tawt I Taw A Putty Tat

Is Sylvester Gone Yet?

Her Again?

Can She See Me?
What's She Doing Around Here?

After the Rain

And the Skies Opened
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