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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Positively Quick

Positively quick...well mostly quick. Actually I started this painting in my watercolour class last month, but I wanted to finish the painting tonight.  My goal for tonight was to paint quickly and to only use my paintbrush on the rocks without using pencil. I used a fine tipped marker to define areas when I was done painting.  I may try this painting again, because I could improve on the sky and mountains...what mountains...??? Exactly, they disappeared... (All which I painted and drew a month ago when I wasn't so comfortable with the watercolour paint....) I would also redraw the dock straighter so the eye leads up to the right hand corner instead of down.  Finally, I would do the masts of the boats thinner.  It sounds like I have challenged myself to redo this.   Overall, I am pleased with the quickness of my painting tonight, it was positively quick! 
Vancouver Island Dock
This watercolour painting is "soul" property of Renee Dowling.
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