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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Positively Emotional

Positively emotional is how I feel.  Emotional in a good way.  When I began this blog, I was in need of changing my perspective. Let's just say, I am at a turning point in my career and it hasn't been easy this year.  Even though my goal is to focus on positive thinking, I never anticipated the impact this journey was going to have on me.  I have received a lot of support from so many people in so many ways.  Now that I have had the courage to share with my family and friends, they are starting to share with other family and friends and the positivity keeps growing.  This is called the "ripple effect". I have heard from many people and my spirit is starting to heal which is making more room for me to grow personally, and artistically with my painting, photography and my piano playing. When I have a moment, no matter where I am, I am really realizing there is a lot of positive things around me, everything from strangers sharing their firewood at a community fire pit at a campground this weekend, to an uncle helping his nephew when his fishing line got caught on the rocks, to the young grade three students who hug me every Wednesday when I am on supervision, to the people who let me in the right driving lane when I got stuck in the left lane this afternoon, when a colleague brought me a beautiful plant and an encouraging card just when I needed it, and to mention one more, the support I have earned from a very kind local artist.  Just now on my Ipod, Eva Cassidy has begun to sing, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", well, these blue eyes are crying in the rain, but it is because I am positively emotional from all of the positive things in my life!

The Ripple Effect
Although this photograph is lacking in great lighting, I was struck by the way rain drops were kissing and rippling the lake water and spectacular rocks at Spruce Coulee.   I am starting to see a theme.  My love of rocks is appearing in my photography and my painting.  Maybe I will have to try painting these Alberta rocks.  Like the mighty Cottonwood trees, they must have a lot of interesting stories to tell!

The photograph is "soul" property of Renee Dowling. 
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