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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Positively Peaceful

Positively peaceful describes my evening. Texting my friend, walking with Bryan by the river, listening to the different songs of various birds, smelling the fresh clean spring air, drawing a cute little green house across the street from my music lesson studio, playing the piano and learning better fingering, admiring deep pink clouds peeking their little heads through dark, fluffy rain clouds, cuddling on the couch with my besty cat, Painted Smile, while watching American Idol, all contributed to my positively peaceful evening. I watched Midnight in Paris, what a clever movie. It reminded me of a supper table conversation we had at the table about how we all felt that things used to be easier and less complicated, and that we were concerned with where society is going. It seems, according to the writers of the movie, we all have a golden age in the past that we think is an ultimate golden time and we would rather live in...

Aging Gracefully

The pen and ink shown above is a tree that is across from the river where we walked tonight.  This tree has welcomed hundreds of people and has been the focal point between the prairie and the prairie forest for nearly a hundred years.  I bet it has heard and seen a lot of things.  I wonder if it too has a "golden age"? 
I earned a bronze medal for this work of art last year in the South Eastern Summer Games representing Cypress County.  The judge like the whimsical textrue on the trunk.

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