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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Positively Spoiled

I do declare today I was positively spoiled. My husband barbequed farm fresh sausage, made a mushroom omelet, pancakes, cut orange slices, and made frozen orange juice for Mother's Day breakfast. Bryan helped cook too. We sat around the kitchen table and talked and laughed and really enjoyed being together. They spoiled me with a great card stuffed with ITunes and ... Yeh... enrollment in a summer art class drawing outside with a local artist Maureen Newton. Just what I wished for. It is strange lately, since I started reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, I think about something and the next thing I know, it becomes a reality. I was looking at the outside of the school thinking that the outside walls of the new portables don't match and the next morning the painters were there. I was thinking about my high school art teacher on Sunday and the next day I saw him at Winners. Also on Sunday at the Inspire Cafe and again on Saturday at the same place I was thinking that I should enrol in a summer art class and today, Jeff and Bryan gave me a gift of the exact class I was thinking of enrolling in. I predicted that one of my students would choose a certain song for his presentation, and sure enough the next day he handed in the lyrics to that very song. This positive thinking thing sure has been wonderful. The final positively spoiled event this weekend was at my sister' house. She made a delicious supper as usual! What a wonderful weekend... Walks, wonderful weather, fresh spring scents, butterflies fluttering, a myriad of birds singing, frogs chirping, bike riding with my sun in the clean country air, skies of pink, green, blue, purple, red...Positively spoiled! Anne would have loved the weekend. Anne? The Canadian red headed kindred spirit who insisted she spell Ann with an e!


This bee spoiled me by letting me get close.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't get the right angle and light to catch a glimpse on camera if the whole bee.  I will keep on trying.  Thamks, Bee for making my artist date so interesting!

The photograph is "soul" property of Renee Dowling.
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